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Xerox invented the very first laser printer and laser toner cartridges, no one knows that technology better. Xerox continues to improve upon their own designs for home and office laser printers with their Phaser printers and Phaser toner cartridges, such as the best selling Xerox 6180 toner printer. This award winning line of color printers features higher monthly duty cycles, larger standard paper capacities, faster color print speeds, increased first-page-out times, speedier processors, smaller environmental footprints, and can handle heavier media options than competitive products.

Xerox toner cartridges come preloaded in many Phaser printer models so you can get started on print jobs faster and each color printer toner is PANTONEĀ® approved. This means that each and every Xerox toner cartridge is tested for quality assurance and will print colors accurately every time using Xerox's color correction technology for superior color matching results. Even the packaging that your Xerox printer and toner cartridges come in are designed to create up to 80% less waste than other comparable laser printers.

Whether you're looking for electronics for the home or for the office, Xerox has everything you need, including color copiers, color laser printers, and color multifunction printers. And since Xerox literally invented copier and laser printer technologies, you know you're getting the best quality products that simply can't be beat.

Xerox started out as the Haloid Photographic Company in Rochester, New York in 1906 as a photographic paper and equipment manufacturer. In those early years, their only real competition was the nearby Kodak Company, but they were virtually ignored by Kodak and not seen as any sort of threat at that time. By 1912, the business was sold to a Rochester businessman for $50,000 who expanded the company by opening sales offices in New York City, Boston, and Chicago. By 1933 the company had developed better paper qualities and the sale of these papers became such a success that it saved Haloid from near financial ruin during the Great Depression. Throughout World War II, the military needed lots of high quality photographic papers for reconnaissance and intelligence purposes and Haloid's business flourished, but after the war there were so many other high quality paper manufacturers that had been created during that time that the competition was fierce. However, by 1949 the company had shifted focus to business electronics and successfully manufactured the world's first copy machine. They named it the Xerox Copier for the xerography process of transferring images to a piece of paper using static electricity. While the machine was mostly manual, extremely messy, and far from perfect initially, the company focused on improving each new model and in 1960 the Xerox 914 automatic, plain paper copy machine was introduced and it became an instant business success. In 1961 the company changed its name from Haloid to Xerox, was sold on the New York Stock Exchange, and Fortune magazine named the Xerox copy machine the "most successful product ever marketed in America." In 1969, the laser printer was invented by a Xerox researcher by modifying one of their existing copy machines, but it wasn't until 1981 that it was released into the market for office use. Today, Xerox continues to manufacture and sell a wide variety of office products, including printers, copiers, scanners, digital presses, monitors, toners, and paper.