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Xerox solid ink technology was first introduced in 1991 as an alternative to the standard liquid printer ink cartridges that are used in most inkjet printers. Solid ink printers and multifunction printers use solid Xerox ink sticks that are cartridge-free, resin-based inks that are heated and transferred to paper in the same way a commercial offset printing press does. Inside the printer the maintenance roller applies a microscopic layer of silicone oil to the rotating heated drum which melts the solid ink and releases it from the printhead. A sheet of paper is fed between the drum and the transfix roller which transfers the ink to the paper. As the ink penetrates the paper's fibers it cools and solidifies instantly for a permanent bond in just five seconds. This quick printing process eliminates smearing and the cross-spreading of colors that can occur with liquid ink printing processes. Resin-based inks are similar to crayons, so they're non-toxic, can be handled safely by anyone, and won't stain your skin or clothes when placing them in the machine. Up to five solid ink sticks can be loaded into the printer for long, uninterrupted printing and because there are no cartridges Xerox solid inks produce 90% less waste than other ink products.

Xerox solid ink printers produce superior quality results in the home or office with less hassle and less waste. The Phaser solid ink printer line can print up to 2400 x 2400 dpi resolution and is capable of printing 30 pages per minute in both black and full color. Xerox Phaser printers feature the fastest first-page-out times, the fastest processors, and more standard paper capacities than other competitive models in their class. The Phaser ink sticks are easier to load than a standard stapler and will produce rich, vibrant colors with incredible detail and superior halftones.

In addition to their innovative solid ink printers, Xerox also produces a line of high quality liquid ink printers as well. Their all-in-one WorkCentre ink printers using standard Xerox ink cartridges are high end office machines that can copy, print, fax, and email with the touch of a button. WorkCentre printers feature some unique functions; such as double-sided ID card or small document copying onto one sheet in just one step; automatic booklet creation which will reduce each page by 50% and print two pages per side; and an onboard email address book that you can fax directly from to the correct number every time.

For a simpler home use option, you might also want to take a look at Xerox's DocuPrint inkjet printers for photo-quality printing without the need for a special photo ink cartridge. DocuPrint printers can print all of your favorite 4" x 6" photos, special occasion posters up to 44" wide, or banners up to 55" long. Each DocuPrint ink cartridge can be replaced individually as needed in order to save money without wasting ink and you have the flexibility to print on just about any surface, including transparencies, labels, fabric transfers, and specially coated photo papers. So, whether you're looking for the a printer that uses the latest technologies in solid ink sticks or just want a high quality printer that uses a standard Xerox ink cartridge, you can't go wrong with Xerox products.

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