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Okidata got its start in the United States as an innovator in the impact dot printing business, it's a leader in the laser printer and laser toner business today. Driven by cutting edge technologies in digital LED, single pass color, and high-definition color, OkiData has taken compact printing to the next level with high quality, high speed, and high impact output products. They offer a full line of award winning printers for any small, mid, or high volume workgroup.

For instance, their small workgroup digital color laser printer offers fast and reliable printing results with 1200 x 600 dpi resolution, a 200 MHz processor, and 32 MB standard RAM, which is upgradable to 288 MB. Using HD color technology, OkiData toner cartridges use microfine printer toner and multilevel LED printing for richer colors and sharper images. Each OkiData toner cartridge is available in high-capacity tanks that can print up to 2,000 color pages and 2,500 black pages. It was also rated by PC World as the #1 color laser printer.

Through hard work, ingenuity, and ambition, OkiData has become a shining start in the world of printing solutions. Its brand still represents today the idea that dreams can be met and great advances can be achieved by offering high quality products that are reliable, affordable, and on the cutting edge of technology.

In 1874, Kibataro Yoshizaki (later changed to Kibataro Oki) moved from Hiroshima to Tokyo in search of a new life. He found work at the state-run Telegraph Bureau and over the next six years Oki played a key role in developing and improving telecommunication technologies for the Japanese government. In 1880, Oki left the Telegraph Bureau to open his own business, Meikosha, Ltd. Oki had a very intelligent and industrious mind and had developed something similar to the telephone at around the same time Thomas Edison had. Over the next few years, the newly named Oki Electric Works expanded rapidly by securing several key military contracts and in 1885 he invented lacquer coated copper wiring. At the same time, Tokyo Electric Light and the Ministry of Communications were introducing electricity and telephone services throughout Japan and Oki sold his insulated wires to them. Over the next few decades, Oki Electric Works transformed itself into an electronics company that developed and manufactured teletypewriters, microcomputers, automatic teller machines, and the world's first automobile telephone system. In 1972, the company expanded into the United States with its OkiData Corporation and began developing dot printers. Today, Oki continues to develop new products to make individual lives easier, such as high quality laser printers, fax machines, toners, semiconductors, digital switches, mobile communications, and other networking solutions.

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