Lexmark C500 Toner Cartridges

Compatible Lexmark Models:

  • C500
  • C500n
Lexmark C500

Lexmark C500 Printer Review

If you are looking for a color laser printer, consider the Lexmark C500. With the ability to print on envelopes, labels, glossy paper and cards, this machine will fit most of your office needs. Using four Lexmark C500 toner cartridges filled with black, cyan, magenta and yellow laser toner, it will produce sharp, detailed prints. Using only black, it will print up to 31 pages per minute. Using the color toners though, only 8 pages per minute can be printed. The unit weighs 64 pounds with the toner, and it has dimensions of 15.2x18.9x16.5 inches.

Experts and users alike rate the Lexmark C500 as an average machine. CNET experts find that the black text documents and graphics print at impressive speeds. They also find it to have an inexpensive upfront cost that is just right for consumers. On the other side of things, CNET rates it lower when it comes to its lack of a duplexing options and high costing Lexmark C500 toner cartridges. However, compatible Lexmark toner is available to help lower the operating costs. Users agree that the speeds are fast, and they find the quality of prints to be impressive too. They find it to be very noisy though; however, most find that the loud noises shouldn't be a reason to not consider this machine. Though there are a few things that could have been improved on, for the most part, buyers are happy.

For those who cost is a big concern, it may seem like this laser printer is not for you due to its expensive Lexmark C500 toner. However, remanufactured versions of these toners are available from many third party vendors. The printer toner inside of these tanks will print with the same high quality as the OEM or new versions, but it will save you a bundle of money. If you buy this unit and use the remanufactured Lexmark C500 toner, your cost of maintenance will be affordable.