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Compatible Konica-Minolta Models:

  • 1350W
  • 1350
Konica-Minolta 1350W Toner, PagePro 1350W Toner Cartridges

Genuine OEM/Brand Name Toner Cartridges for the Konica-Minolta 1350W

Genuine Konica-Minolta 1710567-001 Black Toner Cartridge

Genuine Konica-Minolta 1710567-001 Black Toner Cartridge

Genuine OEM Konica-Minolta Toner Cartridge, Black, High Capacity 6,000 page yield. Konica-Minolta part number: 1710567-001. Laser Toner Cartridge compatible with Konica-Minolta PagePro 1350W, 1350.

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$147.00 each
$147.00 total

Konica-Minolta 1350W Printer Review

The Konica Minolta PagePro 1350W laser ink toner printer is designed for the home or small office user. It features fast speeds and great print quality, but suffers from a few design problems that make some operations more difficult than they should be, like replacing empty toner cartridges.

The Konica 1350W laser printer, also referred to as the QMS 1350, is both very affordable and very compact, and neither of these take away from print quality. However, you can't help but get the feeling that getting the price this low caused a few poor design problems. The unit measures 11.1 inches by 15.2 inches by 11.5 inches and weighs 17.2 pounds with the toner cartridges. It can easily share a desk with a computer, and is one of the most compact models on the market. You will lose some of this compactness the moment you decide to print, however, as the input paper tray folds out from the front and adds around 6 inches to its depth. This tray is designed to stay empty and closed when the machine is not in use, meaning the user is expected to load paper every time they need to print. This is a strange assumption, and a poor design choice.

Paper jams are particularly troublesome, because you have to remove the drum in order to clear a paper jam. This makes the process more complicated than it needs to be. Its output tray can also begin to spill pages onto the floor when it starts to get full. None of these problems is a deal-breaker, and all can be dealt with, but the sheer number of them starts to get overwhelming.

Print speed is quite fast, at around 21 pages per minute. Print quality is very impressive, especially given the affordable price. Minolta PagePro 1350W toner cartridges tend to be a bit on the expensive side, but compatible Konica 1350W toner cartridges can be found for good prices online for a more economical solution. Each laser toner cartridge has a 3,000 page yield capacity, but there is also a high capacity version for the printer toneer cartridge, which contains 6,000 pages. Page yields are comparable to the industry leading Brother toner cartridge.

Overall, the Konica Minolta PagePro 1350W is a solid laser printer with good quality at an affordable. If you can put up with its design flaws then you will be satisfied with its speed and quality.