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HP OfficeJet 350

HP 350 Printer Review

First released in 1995, the HP OfficeJet 350 is a very outdated device, yet still has the ability to print, scan, copy, and fax. In a micro office with limited daily tasks, however, it might be a good all-in-one machine to have. It offers moderate speed and quality, but saves time, space, and money by combining four essential pieces of office equipment. The 350 can only print in black-and-white, so users in need of color capabilities should look elsewhere.

Compatible with Windows operating systems only and connected via parallel port, the 350's accessibility is limited. The thermal inkjet technology requires miniature nozzles to eject minute dots of HP 350 ink onto the paper. The resolution is determined by the number of printer ink dots applied per inch. Top quality is 600x300 dpi, but printing at this level slows the output rate to 1 page per minute. Printing in fast mode, less OfficeJet 350 ink is used, resulting in a 300x300 dpi resolution at a speed of 3 pages per minute.

Each function has important features that will benefit a small office. The fax machine has 60 speed-dial options, a 24-page memory, and a transmission rate of 10 seconds. The copier can create up to 99 duplicates per original with a speed of about 50 seconds per page and a maximum 300x300 dpi. This is also the internal scan resolution. The scanner is single-pass and has a 20-page automatic document feeder for continuous scanning or copying.

The paper path in this unit is curved, allowing for an array of media types to be supported, such as envelopes and transparencies. Both the input and output trays hold up to 100 sheets of standard paper. With the HP 350 ink cartridge installed, this machine weighs only 19.5 pounds with a footprint of 17.25x15.5x11.25 inches. Each OfficeJet 350 ink cartridge can yield up to 790 pages, which is a fairly high yield for an older inkjet all-in-one device.

Though this unit is old, it still offers a number of features and functions that could be beneficial to low-volume, small offices. The availability of third-party HP 350 printer ink will minimize operational expenses, and its versatility and compact design will open up a lot of space in the workplace.