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HP FAX 300

HP 300 Printer Review

The HP FAX 300 is a simple home office machine that can send faxes without the need of a computer, as well as copy, scan and print basic jobs. The 300's features are among the more simplistic in its class of inkjet devices, one of which being its lackluster output of only 3 pages per minute for monochrome documents. Users will benefit from its cost-efficient FAX 300 printer ink and easy-to-use features, but its simple 4-in-1 design leaves out many standard multifunction capabilities.

The 300's list of built-in features is small, including only 256 KB of memory, a single media input tray that can handle up to 100 pages of paper at once, and a simple control panel. The panel doesn't provide any advanced features like a color preview LCD or a navigation pad, instead incorporating a power button and an LED light to alert when paper or HP 300 printer ink need to be replaced.

A size of 17x15x11 inches makes the 300 a moderately compact device considering its multifunction design. Users should be able to use this unit on a desktop beside their computer, with connectivity between the two devices provided through its rear USB port. To install the provided drivers and software package onto a user's computer it must run Mac or Windows operating systems.

This device doesn't offer the best output compared to other home office devices, but it can print documents with a resolution of 600x300 dpi using FAX 300 ink that can support internal projects. The unit can copy documents with a slightly lower quality than the original with a resolution of 300x300 dpi.

One of the perks to this device is the affordability of HP 300 ink cartridges, particularly when users opt for remanufactured supplies over the pricey OEM options. Replacement HP 300 ink cartridges can yield only around 800 pages, which will limit this device to handling light-duty volumes.

There are many benefits to a device that can handle multiple tasks, from sending faxes to copying an important document, but the 300's lack of standard multifunction features make it one of the lower-end options among similar home office devices. Buyers who value cost-efficiency and ease of use over flexibility do, however, stand to benefit from this inkjet machine.