HP DeskWriter 550 Ink Cartridges

Compatible HP Models:

  • 550
  • 550C
HP DeskWriter 550

HP 550 Printer Review

Discontinued and outdated, the HP DeskWriter 550 was once an innovative office machine that provided high-quality documents in black-and-white and color. This unit, more commonly referred to as the 550C, is known for its durability. It is only compatible with Mac operating systems and connected via serial port. With a maximum monthly duty cycle of around 1,000 pages and 256 KB of RAM, this compact device is ideal for small offices with low-volume demands.

Speed is not the name of the game for this inkjet printer, with a maximum output rate of 3 pages per minute in Draft mode when printing with black HP 550 ink. Printing in color takes even longer, with the fastest rate at 3 minutes per page. To reach the maximum quality of 300x300 dpi, however, users must set the print mode to Best, which will maximize the amount of DeskWriter 550 ink distributed per inch, but more than double the print time.

The 100-sheet input tray, which can also hold up to 20 envelopes, leads to a straight paper path. There is an adjustment bar that users will have to negotiate when changing media types and sizes. When printing on transparency film, it can take up to 6 minutes for the HP 550 ink to dry, while it takes only about 15 seconds on standard paper.

Up to 640 pages can be printed with the tricolor HP 550 ink cartridge and the black supply can yield up to 790 pages. Inkjet technology uses nozzles attached to the printheads that will eject miniscule droplets of printer ink on the page, creating layers and blending colors that make the documents appear crisp and bold. Remanufactured DeskWriter 550 printer ink cartridges are also available for this machine that will generate the same quality, but at a third of the cost.

Although the HP DeskWriter 550 is not a modern office device, it can still be used in certain work settings with low-volume needs. It is slow and does not create a good enough quality to justify printing pictures or graphics, but basic text documents will be solid enough for personal use.