HP DeskWriter 510 Ink Cartridges

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  • 510
HP DeskWriter 510

HP 510 Printer Review

For consumers who are looking for a basic inkjet printer that is reliable and affordable, the HP DeskWriter 510 is a viable option. Though it is showing its age, this unit can still print simple documents with decent quality. It is on the slow side and lacks versatile functions like many modern machines, but for occasional use it will suffice.

Users shouldn't plan on printing photographs or complex graphics with the 510, but it does have color capabilities if an HP Color Kit is added to it. When it comes to speed, users must decide between speed and top quality. In Best mode, which will render the sharpest resolution, a black-and-white document can take up to 3 minutes per page to be completed. When in Draft mode, however, close to 3 pages per minute can be printed, but the text will not be as crisp.

Only one HP 510 ink cartridge is used for standard printing. This printer ink is black and will yield about 790 pages before running out and requiring replacements. When that time comes, both OEM and compatible DeskWriter 510 ink cartridges are available from third-party vendors. Though the compatible versions do not have a name brand, reputable vendors provide a guarantee that the third-party HP 510 ink will produce the same quality and quantity as their OEM counterparts.

The 510 connects to a computer via serial port, which is a tad outdated, and may require an adapter for modern computers. A maximum of 1,000 pages per month can be printed to maintain optimum longevity of the 12-pound inkjet printer. Don't expect it to match the office décor, though, as the off-white frame is not exactly attractive. It is squared off with both the input and output tray sticking out of the front. Up to 100 sheets of plain paper can be held in the input tray and alternative media types can also be used, including envelopes and cards. Using glossy paper might make the DeskWriter 510 ink jump out a bit more, but the maximum resolution is still only 600x600 dpi.

The HP DeskWriter 510 is a basic printer designed for users in a home or dorm room with minimal printing needs. If used occasionally, as intended, the nearly 800-page yield of the HP 510 printer ink should last quite a while, as should the unit itself. It may lack bonus features or the power to operate in an office, but the 510 will be a solid choice for personal use.