HP Deskjet 550 Ink Cartridges

Compatible HP Models:

  • 550
  • 550C
HP Deskjet 550

HP 550 Printer Review

Introduced in 1992, the HP Deskjet 550 was a dominant force on the market at that time. As one of Hewlett Packard's first inkjet printers with full-color capabilities, this machine also deployed the use of dual HP 550 ink cartridges, with one holding the colorful printer ink and one supply dedicated to black. This device will be insufficient in most modern offices, but users can still get replacement Deskjet 550 ink if needed.

Only able to generate up to 1,000 pages per month, the 550, also known as the 550C, will certainly be limited in busy environments. It is also pretty slow, which will hinder heavy production. The maximum speed is 3 pages per minute, which can only be obtained in Draft mode and only with black-and-white documents. To reach the maximum quality of 300x300 dpi in Best mode (which uses a bit more HP 550 ink per inch) the speed slows to 7 minutes per page.

The connection options are parallel and serial ports and the footprint of this unit is approximately 17x15x8 inches with a weight of 14.6 pounds. Though the square frame looks old and bland, it will not take up too much space or be difficult to install. It has 80 KB of RAM installed with upgrade options to 592 KB. The 100-sheet input tray leads to a curved paper path and holds plain paper, envelopes, and transparencies.

The black Deskjet 550 ink cartridge can yield up to 790 pages while the tricolor supply will yield only about 640 pages. These yields are relatively low, which results in a slightly elevated cost per page compared to high-capacity printer ink. Fortunately, remanufactured versions of the HP 550 ink are available from third-party vendors.

As one of the first units to use color drop-on-demand inkjet technology, the 550 was once considered innovative and was among the most popular printers of the late 90s. It lacks some relevance in today's printing world, but overall is a reliable device for occasional printing needs.