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HP Deskjet 400 Ink Cartridges

Compatible HP Models:

  • 400
  • 400L
HP Deskjet 400

HP 400 Printer Review

When printing technology was still being developed, many innovative machines paved the way, such as the HP Deskjet 400. Though it may seem outdated in comparison to the high-end printers in homes and offices around the world today, this compact inkjet printer was once in the forefront of color printing technology. Using a drop-on-demand system, consisting of nozzles to eject small dots of HP 400 ink, personal pictures and professional documents are produced with clarity.

Speed and quality are consistent, though both can be slightly altered based on the print mode and complexity of the task at hand. The maximum resolution, which is 600x300 dpi, can be obtained in Best mode at a rate of about 2 pages per minute. If the document being printed does not require optimum quality, like for printing an invoice for filing, users can set the mode to Draft. This will slightly reduce the amount of Deskjet 400 ink used per inch, decreasing the resolution to 150x300 dpi, but increasing the speed to up to 3 pages per minute.

Unfortunately, the 1200 is only compatible with Windows operating systems and is limited by having only a serial connection. It is small in stature, measuring 13.7x6.96x6.43 inches and weighing in at less than 7 pounds, yet is durably built to print up to 25,000 pages in its lifetime. Yearly, it can safely generate up to 5,000 pages, meaning this inkjet printer will last up to 5 years if used at full capacity.

The tricolor HP 400 ink cartridge, which consists of yellow, cyan, and magenta printer ink, can yield up to 640 pages. The black supply will yield as many as 790 prints. Replacement Deskjet 400 ink cartridges are available in both remanufactured and OEM forms, with the latter being nearly three times more expensive. Various paper types are also supported, so the 50-sheet input tray takes transparencies, envelopes, and glossy paper.

With the included HP SmartColor driver and four-color HP 400 printer ink system, this personal printer is capable of creating sufficient quality for images and documents. It may lack some modern features, but it is reliable and affordable.