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Epson 252XL Inkjet High Capacity Bundle Pack - 8 Cartridges - Remanufactured
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Epson 802XL Inkjet High Capacity Bundle Pack - 4 Cartridges - Compatible
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Epson 522 Inkjet High Capacity Bundle Pack - 9 Bottles - Compatible
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For standard printing at home or in the office, you can't go wrong with the Epson Stylus ink printer. It features high quality print results with up to 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi resolution and print speeds of up to 23 pages per minute. Using the drop-on-demand Micro Piezo inkjet technology, you'll be able to adjust the size of the ink droplets in order to achieve superior print results on plain paper, premium papers, and photo papers. It uses one black Epson ink cartridge and three individual Epson ink cartridges which are easy to replace and economical to use.

Epson specialty papers and Epson inkjet cartridges are specifically designed for excellence. Epson specialty papers are made of 4 to 8 layers per sheet and work together to absorb ink properly, lock in vibrant colors, and dry instantly to produce superior-quality prints. These papers are designed to not jam and are specially coated to enhance and preserve photos. Epson inkjet ink cartridges are designed to release the perfect amount of ink every time and each drop dries instantly on the page to prevent smudges. When combined with Epson specialty papers, Epson inks can print photographs that will last for up to 200 years, which means you'll be enjoying your favorite photos for generations to come.

Epson started out as a watch making company in the late 1800s in Japan under the name Seiko Epson. However, in the 1970s Epson America recognized the need for competitively priced desktop printers in the newly developing computer market and began selling the Epson TX-80 impact dot matrix printer in 1978. This eighty-column dot matrix printer was mainly designed to be used with the Commodore PET computer. In 1980 Epson released its improved MX-80 model and it soon became the best selling printer in the United States. Epson quickly established itself as the industry standard in printing technology due to their high performing, high quality, reliable printers that were sold at an affordable price. With this early success in the printer market, Epson went on to develop other industry changing products, such as the Micro Piezo inkjet technology which did not need to heat the ink at the print head resulting in a more precise droplet; the first high resolution color inkjet printer with 720 x 720 dpi; and the world's first edge-to-edge 4" x 6" inkjet photo printer.

Epson now produces a wide range of electronic equipment, including printers, projectors, scanners, professional imaging machines, printer ink, and photo paper. They continue to market new product designs in order to target a specific need in the competitive modern technology industry. For instance, the Epson PictureMate compact photo printer is designed specifically for people who want to print a lot of small sized personal photographs for albums and scrapbooks. This little printer will print 4" x 6" photos in just 37 seconds without ever having to connect to a computer. The PictureMate ink will produce smudge, water, and fade resistant photos fast and the 2.5" LCD color photo viewer will allow you to edit photos quickly and easily. Because the PictureMate printer is PC-free and uses a rechargeable battery, it's portable and can be used just about anywhere, even outside.