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As laser and ink printer prices continue to decline, the price of ink, toner, and other accessories seem to be increasing. It is common today to find a quality printer on sale for under $100, and discover the ink cartridge or laser toner costs more than the printer. Toner and ink cartridges differ significantly in their technology. Toner cartridges contain a powder substance involving carbon and a polymer, whereas ink cartridges are filled with liquid ink.

There are several options for finding discount toner that is compatible with your printer. Original brand cartridges are the most expensive whereas compatible cartridges are significantly cheaper. Compatible cartridges come in two types: remanufactured and new compatible.

Remanufactured cartridges are recycled original brand cartridges that are disassembled, cleaned, worn parts replaced and refilled with toner. New compatible cartridges are manufactured by a company other than the brand of the printer but made to similar specifications as the original cartridge. Both types of compatible cartridges produce the same print quality and page yield as the original brand cartridge.

When purchasing compatible discount toner cartridges, you should always ensure you are dealing with a reputable company. You should always inquire about the defect rate of the discount toner cartridge before purchasing it. Investigating the quality of the toner is essential because low-quality ink or toner cartridges is a hassle.