Improving Your Work Experience

For many workers, summer is a time of vacations, Summer Fridays, or a general downturn in responsibilities. But now that Labor Day has passed and we're headed into the middle of September, operations are ramping up everywhere. You might feel overwhelmed by so many emails, uninspired and unable to get back into your routine, or generally unhappy with office politics. These three ideas might help you turn your disappointments into positives, helping you be more productive.

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Get Inspired When You're At Home

If you're feeling a creative slump at work, FastCompany suggests that you start a creative project at home. While there's no scientific evidence to support this, it turns out even major players at big companies have some creative outlet at home. For Jesse McMillin, it's abstract oil painting, but it can be anything you want, from writing to crafting and anything in between.

Why might this creative outlet work? First, if your job is not meeting your ideal passions (and let's face it, whose is?), it can be difficult to stay motivated. By having an outside hobby, you're able to translate that pent-up frustration into something you feel proud about. That, in turn, can cause you to think more creatively at work or, at the very least, allow you to put your work in perspective. You will then see how it contributes to your overall goals and ambitions.

Get Smarter With Sending Emails

One of the biggest time wasters in anybody's workday is email. What if there was a way to be faster and more efficient about how we handle this form of digital communication? Thankfully there is. Over at Entreprenuer, they offer a great how-to guide for sending smarter emails. Some of the points they make might seem basic, but even we make some of these mistakes on a daily basis.

Most importantly is keep subject headings on emails short and to the point. You want someone to know what you're saying before they even read their message, rather than digging around to try and find the subject. Also important is to keep the body of the email short and direct as 47% of people read messages on a mobile device. Finally, if you think there's something that can be said faster over the phone or IM, don't send another email! It'll save all parties a lot of time.

Be Proactive With Workplace Changes

No matter what work environment you're in, you probably have some things you'd like to change. It might be some bad communications structures, some petty office politics, or the way the office is designed. No matter what policy is irking you, we have the following advice: be proactive and ask for changes. Even if you're not a manager, you should be able to voice your opinions without fearing for your job.

If office politics or communication structures are getting you down, propose open communication policies. Only 6% of all companies articulate their goals daily, so try to encourage that your management gets more involved, otherwise your company's bottom line is impacted in lower productivity and a loss of revenue. If you feel like your cubicles are stifling, share this article about office design trends or ask if management would be willing to set aside money for standing desks to break up the monotony.

As you can see, even if you're feeling blue at work, things aren't hopeless! Try to pursue what you're most passionate about to home to put your work life into focus. Learn to write more efficient emails to cut down on the stress. And take a stand against office policies that are hurting your productivity. Let us know your thoughts on the ideas and feel free to share some of your own in the comments section below.

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