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It seems like there are new developments every day when it comes to printing and printer design! Today we wanted to highlight two new innovations in the printing world. The first, courtesy of Samsung, brings office printers into the 21st century with large, colorful touchscreens and mobile-centric interfaces. The second, courtesy of HP, revolves around securing printers, which have become hotbeds for hackers, especially in business environments. No matter what innovation is taking place, we want to keep you informed and knowledgeable as a potential consumer.

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World's First Android Powered Printer

What does it mean to be the first printer powered by Android's operating system? First, it's important to mention that we're talking about office-style printers. These big machines can easily churn out up to 85,000 pages a month, so they're definitely perfectly for medium or large scale offices and not your home office.

Beyond that, an Android powered printer has a giant 10.1 inch color screen, making it slightly larger than an iPad Air. Second, the printer, as it is connected to WiFi or an LAN network, has full Internet capabilities. This means that you can access your email account or Google Apps in order to pull up and print documents or spreadsheets immediately. Want to print out directions from Google Maps? The touchscreen also allows you to do that.

But one of the most exciting features is the scan and send button. With the capability to scan and upload documents at a rate of 100 pages per hour in some cases, you're able to then email these documents directly to some else. Rather than printing out multiple copies (or having to print at all), you can go green and save paper when printing really isn't a necessity.

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HP Beefs Up Printer Security

If you use any devices with wireless or network capabilities, including printers, you should be worried about security. After a major hack of celebrity photos from the cloud, it's clear these tech savvy intruders can get a peek at any corner of the Internet, which is why HP has strengthened security features in a new line of business printers. While many of the updates have specific applications for those who handle IT with an organization, there are some major advances worth mentioning:

The first is nearly 200 different security features that come pre-installed. While regular updates are needed, these built-in features mean that your printer is more secure, even before an IT team can maintain the network. Second, HP ArcSight is software that specifically correlates print jobs throughout the network and highlights to users when there is a possible breach in security so that you have multiple eyes watching the network at any given tim.e

Finally, JetAdvantage Pull Print is another solution available on some models. When a user wants to print, their print job is encrypted in the cloud until they manually authenticate and claim the print job. In this respect, outsiders cannot manipulate your printer or try to gain access to data very easily. All of the print jobs must be authorized by users inside of an organization, making it that much more difficult for hackers.


As you can see, printing is constantly making tweaks and changes to keep up with other evolving digital trends. Whether it's flashy 10.1 inch touch screens or the most advanced security software, there's nowhere that printer technology cannot go. Let us know your thoughts on these new developments in the comments section below.

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