Getting Crafty with the Easter Bunny

Now that March came in like a lion and exited like a lamb, it's time to get crafty for the next holiday: Easter! April 20th is one of the latest dates the holiday falls on, and all of that extra time means more opportunity to get creative! We wanted to highlight three projects that take classic crafts to new heights and bend your imagination beyond the Easter Bunny and dyed eggs. No matter which of the projects you decide to do, others will surely notice your Easter spirit.

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Nail Polish Eggs

We wanted to start off with everybody's favorite Easter tradition: dyed eggs! But these are not grandma's food colored eggs. Instead of food coloring, these eggs are dyed using nail polish. Sounds expensive, right? Think again. Like food coloring, all you need are eggs, some water, and a few different colors of nail polish. You will add only a few drops of nail polish to the water to create a marbled effect on the eggs.

The only downside of this? Nail polish eggs tend to dry a little more slowly than standard dying methods. Thankfully there is a fix for this. If you put the eggs in the freezer, the nail polish will dry much faster. Once dried, these eggs will be the envy of the neighborhood.

taken from: Good Housekeeping

A Peep Terrarium

No candy says Easter quite like Peeps, the pastel colored marshmallows that produce such a polarizing reaction. If you're not a big fan of the taste, we've found another use for the sugary sweet bunnies: terrariums! Instead of using soil, live plants, and other natural materials, you can use Peeps, finely ground chocolate wafers, and other confectionary delights. The terrariums can be made with any size mason jars, so feel free to pick up whatever you might have around the house.

The best part about this project? Your imagination can really run wild. Small jars can be used to make simple terrariums while larger jars can get quite elaborate. The only question is: just how far do you want to go in celebrating spring?

Paper Daffodils

Make a homemade paper daffodil isn't exactly Easter-related. But how else are you going to make a floral centerpiece that never wilts or requires water? Compared to many of the crafts we suggest, these are quite involved, requiring a glue gun, special kinds of paper, wire, and very fine motor skills, but the pay off at the end is worth it! These colorful paper flowers not only capture the pastels of Easter, but they look and feel as close to the season as you can get.

There are many other varieties of these paper daffodils on the Internet, but The House That Lars Built goes one step beyond by including details like vintage stamen in the flower for added realism.

taken from: The House That Lars Built


Now that you're fully in the Easter spirit, feel free to share your own ideas for crafts or comment on the ones we have lasted. May your April be bright, cheerful, and very festive! Until next time.

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