The Future of Business Printing with HP Enterprise

HP has long been an innovator in printing, including the recent announcement they would be detailing 3D printing technology in October. While we are excited to see how they enter the 3D printing world, we wanted to focus on their most recent release: the ink-based enterprise printers. These machines are designed for businesses, combining the speed of laser printing but reducing costs by half. We wanted to take some time to explore what makes these new printers special.

taken from: VentureBeat

Speed With Reduced Operating Costs

We all know how expensive it is to operate laser printers! Since they have such high outputs, they tend to use a lot of energy in the printing process. As VentureBeat explains, the new enterprise printers "use up to 84 percent less power while printing" despite the fact that they can print an impressive 70 pages per minute using HP PageWide technology, which translates to printing roughly 6,000 pages per month.

This is the perfect solution for small offices of 5-15 people, or for use in specific departments of larger companies that might have other higher volume printing needs.

21st Century Technology Available

There has been a lot written about the decline of printing, but much of that is just hyperbole. As HP has demonstrated, printers can still be relevant if they keep up with advanced technology. All of the new enterprise printers have 8-inch full-color touchscreen display to easily manage printing jobs and facilitate both mobile printing and NFC-based printing, which lets you "tap" the printer to print out documents.

At the same time, these new enterprise machines employ HP FutureSmart. Unlike many printers, HP wants your printer to continue being more useful and productive. FutureSmart allows the machine to receive future operating updates to improve performance. It also allows updates for mobile printing to then be reflected on the printer interface.

It Comes At A Cost

These machines are definitely not designed for home use, due in part to the cost. Set to launch on April 1st, the least expensive model (with multifunction technology) starts at $1,999 and goes up to $2,799. If you're just looking to print, the cheapest model will start at $749. While this might sound like a larger upfront investment, higher printer efficiency could spark big savings throughout the life of the printer, meaning the initial investment might really pay off!


As you can see, HP continues to be at the forefront of printing technology, not only for the home environment, but also for businesses of all sizes. Enterprise printers are especially exciting because they could mean even bigger advancements to efficiency in the future. Feel free to share your thoughts about these new printers in the comments section below.

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