Understanding the nozzle types on inkjet printers

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If print quality is your top priority, you can't go wrong with an inkjet printer. While laser printers are designed to be as fast and efficient as possible, inkjet printers are designed with superior resolution and quality in mind. As long as you're okay with waiting a little longer for documents to print, you should be perfectly happy with an inkjet printer. With that being said, different types of inkjet printers rely on different nozzle technologies. Before investing in an inkjet printer, it's smart to have a basic understanding of the most common nozzle technologies. You'll be able to pinpoint the perfect printer at the best price more easily. Learn more about inkjet nozzle technology below.

Drop-on-Demand Technology

Drop-on-demand nozzle technology is the backbone of most modern inkjet printers. It is the preferred type of technology because it is affordable, reliable and efficient. This type of technology results in printed pages that are completely covered in tiny droplets of ink. Those droplets of ink are measured in terms of Pico liters. Smaller droplets produce more refined results while larger droplets produce copies that aren't quite as crisp. To an untrained or casual eye, however, most inkjet printers produce satisfactory results.

DPI Resolution

Another important factor that comes into play with inkjet nozzle technology is resolution. This is largely determined by the number of drops that are produced per inch. This factor is known as DPI, or dots per inch, and it is important to keep in mind when shopping for an inkjet printer. The print head in an inkjet printer can contain various numbers and types of nozzles. The more nozzles that are included on a print head, the higher the resolution, or DPI, will be. Not surprisingly, printers that have high numbers of nozzles tend to be more expensive.

How Print Heads Work

The ink that is used in an inkjet printer is stored in cartridges. On the print head, there is a chamber that is located behind the nozzles. With standard drop-on-demand technology, there is a heating element located in this chamber. It rapidly heats up the ink to make it bubble. When the ink bubbles, pressure is created. That pressure forces the ink out of the nozzles. This all happens very rapidly. It is an extremely efficient and reliable process. The majority of today's inkjet printers rely on this type of technology.

Piezoelectric Nozzle Technology

Although a standard inkjet printer is sure to suffice, you should also consider a printer that uses piezoelectric nozzle technology. In this case, the chamber behind the nozzles on the print head does not heat up the ink. Instead, it contains piezoelectric materials that generate a form of electricity. This electricity creates the pressure that is needed to force the ink out of the nozzles. Many people believe that the results are a lot more refined and crisp. However, this technology is also more expensive. It isn't standard either. You will only find it on certain Epson and Brother printers.

Which Inkjet Nozzle Technology is Right for You?

If you're looking for an inkjet printer that has a nice balance between affordability and quality, a standard drop-on-demand ink printer from Canon should be more than sufficient. If you're willing to spend a little more and insist on having the finest resolution possible, you may want to opt for an Epson or Brother printer that uses piezoelectric technology. In either case, make sure to use top-quality ink cartridges from 247inktoner.com. You won't break the bank with our compatible cartridges.   

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