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Who didn’t dream of becoming their favorite hero? As soon as kids learn to pronounce the names of the people they see in movies or read in comics, they soon wind up turning their bedrooms into mini cathedrals dedicated to their daring feats.

For most of us, this is pretty simple and inexpensive – a few posters here, some video games and DVDs there, maybe some matching bed sheets – but then there are the folks who go the extra mile. Here are a few fans who turned their love of sci-fi and superheroes into tributes the heroes themselves would envy.

Tucked in The TARDIS

When you think about it, the TARDIS isn’t all that different from the average bed: it’s usually much larger than it appears from certain angles; only an exclusive number of people are allowed to come near it; and you enter it at one point in time only to exit at another. So it only makes sense that the two would be combined eventually.

One crafty gentleman noticed his grandson’s unending affection for Doctor Who and decided to surprise the lad by making a TARDIS-style headboard for the youngster’s bed. The link provided offers full instructions on how to create one (including working doors) and recommendations on how to make the best use of materials available to you. No word on how well it defends against Daleks.

(via Instructables)

Light Speed Dreams

Who says you can’t battle the Empire from the safety and comfort of your own bed? Certainly not the parents of this lucky kid. This young man’s father and uncle are designers for a living, so they decided to give the youngster an entire bedroom dedicated to his favorite film series.

So far they’ve only completed the bed, but what a bed it is. Designed to resemble the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon, the bed is elevated by a load-bearing leg resembling an AT-AT walker. Although the designers have yet to reveal how the rest of the room will look, we wouldn’t be surprised if it resembled a certain throne room and had enough space for lightsaber battles.

(via Mental_Floss)

Make Mine Marvel

Sure, it’s nice to have a bed dedicated to your favorite hero; even better to have an entire bedroom. But what if you had an entire apartment resembling something straight out of a comic book? That’s the idea behind the latest project from Absolook Interior Design in Singapore.

The company recently announced that they will begin offering the option to have your home or apartment decorated in Avengers-themed designed. These designs include a Hulk-themed kitchen, an Iron Man-style bedroom, and a living room made to look like the headquarters of SHIELD. So the next time there’s an alien invasion right outside your window, you can rest easy knowing that you’re surround by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (and some really nifty curtains).

(via Nerdist)


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