You Won't Believe It's LEGOs!

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They’ve been one of the world’s most popular toy lines for over 60 years. They’re found in the toy boxes of children all over the world. They’ve inspired video games, TV specials, and even an award-winning film. There are few brands as beloved or as easily recognizable as LEGO. It’s a shame that they’re just for kids.

Or are they? In the past two decades, LEGO appreciation has almost become as renowned for uses by adults as by children. Popular uses include sculptures, recreations of movie scenes, and even functioning science projects. What was once merely a staple of nurseries is now the basis of one of the world’s most popular hobbies. And a few enthusiasts have taken that hobby and applied it to items we use every day.

In the Bag

Taking their enthusiasm for the brand past mere playtime, a company called Agabag has created a line of jewelry, purses, and bags from actual LEGO bricks. Though not officially endorsed by the toy company, all of the items sold are made from genuine repurposed LEGO bricks around satin interiors. The line also includes cufflinks, brooches, and flash drives.

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Lego Laptop

Not only do LEGO exteriors make great for handbags, they also work great for that most customizable of devices: the laptop computer. A new Kickstarter recently went online for a laptop attachment known as The Brik Case. The attachment fits on the back of your laptop and is compatible with a variety of childhood block toys. These include K’Nex, Tyco, Mega Blox, and of course, LEGO blocks. An early pledge even comes with a “bag o’ bricks” to help you customize the plate the way you want it. And if you don’t think there are many ways to decorate the plate, take a look at the promotional video.

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Sure, bags and laptops are one thing, but both of those are just for decorative purposes. The mastermind behind the website Total Geekdom has used LEGOs to create a fully functioning desktop computer. The exterior LEGO design is just as customizable as the hardware inside. With a base price of $999, you can upgrade the design and the functionality as you see fit.

(via Gizmodo)

With its appeal nowhere close to slowing down, let these projects serve as inspiration for your own LEGO projects.

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