Low Tech, Lots of Fun

It seems as though whenever a flashy new product is released, people revert back to their juvenile forms. Everyone has to have the brand new toy that parents think costs too much and might very well be forgotten once “the next big thing” comes around. This question becomes all the more pressing once you actually have kids; you don’t want them thinking that impulse purchases are all there is to life. Fortunately, the following craft projects will inspire you to put your own homegrown spin on high-tech fads.

The Watch Redefining Touch Screen

You’ve probably seen the announcement of Apple’s new smartwatch all over the news. It plays music, tracks your exercise, accepts e-mail and text messages – all that and it even actually tells time. But what if your little one doesn’t know all of their numbers yet? That won’t be a problem with these felt Apple Watches. Created by artist Hiné Mizushima, the watches will soon be for sale on her Etsy page. Mizushima’s website details the progress of creating each watch by hand.

(via Gizmodo)

She’s Got It Where It Counts

You’ve probably heard that there’s a new Star Wars film on the way. If so, you’re probably of the generation that grew up loving the films and hope that your kids will, too. In was that kind of motivation that inspired Bernard Szukiel to spend four years recreating a scale model of the Millenium Falcon starship made entirely out of paper. While most Star Wars memorabilia will fetch a pretty penny, Szukiel created his using the most basic of household materials.

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A Bird in the Hand

As stunning as it is to see works crafted by others, what you really want is to teach kids the benefit of making something on their own. One fun project would be building these movable puppets. With a few simple items you use every day, you can create a series of household marionettes that will entertain both young and old alike. Follow the link under the photo for instructions.

(via Gizmodo)

The common thread with each of these projects is that none of them are limited by budget or even materials; the only limit is the imagination of the creator. That’s one lesson for kids that will never lose its value.

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