2015: Perfect For a Fresh Start At Work

You may have enjoyed the last two weeks off from work, whether it was traveling to see family in another city or heading somewhere tropical to get away from winter. Whatever the case might be, you know next Monday is when we all face the reality that things are finally back to normal at work. How do you feel about your productivity in 2014? Did you constantly complain you were busy? Did you, in turn, feel like you didn't get anything done? Here are some suggestions to ease office stress into the new year.

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Stop Saying You're So Busy

Take a moment to talk about how often you say you're busy. If you say it all the time, you might want to reconsider your habit. Busyness actually makes you more distracted and forces you to neglect long-term relationships. Sure, it might be a status symbol, but it's hurting you and your company in the long run.

What are some alternatives to busyness? Create stronger, better to-do lists. Prioritize your short term goals and your long-term goals so that you a greater sense of purpose. When you finish a task, check it off. If you want to talk to others, mention what you've accomplished rather than the steps you took to get there.

Finally, clear out your calendar at least 1-2 days per week. Not scheduling meetings can allow you more time to focus on more strategic goals, like business development brainstorming or your own innovative solutions to company-wide problems.

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Try Avoiding Procrastination

Nearly a quarter of adults are chronic procrastinators. This might seem like a shocking statistic, but it makes sense, given some of the reasons why people procrastinate. It's not necessarily due to any inability to focus, but instead might be a direct result of social pressures. You might be worried about impressing your boss or, conversely, you might be worried about setting the bar too high.

This brings us to our next question: how do you fix it? If you're working on a big task and feel like you're in the weeds, break it down into manageable steps and check off your progress as you go. Avoid the mentality that you work best under pressure (that's simply not true). Instead, focus on working steadily, efficiently and effectively as much as possible.

Finally, if you're a perfectionist, start letting go of the mentality that everything has to be perfect. Make mistakes so that you can grow by improving them when you are handed a new task. Every project isn't an absolute. It's an opportunity for personal and professional growth, no matter what industry you work in.

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Finally, you can always make little fixes. These include simple things like blocking off 30 minutes in the afternoon to medidate or grab a device-free coffee break. They can also include things that may require a little more effort like mustering up the courage to talk to your boss about new roles in the company. Whatever the case might be, try to let a greater sense of purpose guide the decisions you make.

Feel free to share your own workplace goals in the comments section below.

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