Best of 2014 Roundup

It's easy to call 2014 a rollercoaster year, given all of global unrest. But 2014 was also a year where a lot of amazing technological innovations occurred, and where arts and business did things we've never seen before. Given all of the innovation. We wanted to highlight some of the best of the year. Apart from 3D printing, we remain pretty impartial, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't sound off in the comments section. What mattered most to you in 2014?

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Triumphant 3D Printing

We're still waiting for the time when 3D printing becomes a household staple, but in the meantime, 3D printing definitely had it's best year ever. Why? It made tremendous medical advances like printing bionic eyes, airway splints and replicas of brain tumors. It created gorgeous, art-piece items like this multicolored kayak. And it even created a full-sized house in Amsterdam.

Perhaps most importantly, however, is that it helped a disabled dog run for the first time. How can that not make you smile? (Or imagine other applications for your furry friends.)

taken from: Engadget

Advertising Gone Viral

Let's face it: we have a love/hate relationships with advertising. On one hand, we love how creative they can be. On the other, it seems crazy that even for paid subscription services like Hulu, we're stuck watching four or five ads per hour of television. But we wanted to focus on ads we love. What do you think of this list by FastCompany of the 20 best ads of 2014?

In our eyes, the most successful was the Ice Bucket Challenge, which raised an impressive $115 million for ALS research. ALS, more commonly called Lou Gehrig's Disease, affects about 30,000 people currently. By asking celebrities and every day people to dump a bucket of ice-cold water on their heads, the non-profit was able to create a viral sensation.

taken from: Billboard

Smartphones Are Our Lifelines

90% of all Americans have a cellphone and an impressive 58% own a smartphone that allows them to shop, listen to music and, of course, download a bunch of apps. There's no denying that for many in a younger generation, these smartphones are also a key component of their identity. Whether it's to take selfies, use messaging tools, or cultivate an Instagram following, these powerful tools can do almost anything.

What were some of your favorite apps of the year? We enjoy some of Macworld's picks for fitness apps, curated shopping from Spring, or podcast management tools. But the simplest app to use and one of the most fun is Hyperlapse. It takes away shaky hands and creates time-lapse videos in the process.

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