Apps to Help Supercharge Your Life

Let's face it: nobody really enjoys household chores or tasks that waste a lot of our time and energy. Whether it's doing laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning that pesky kitchen sink, or balancing your checkbook, there are an endless number of tasks that feel mundane. If you use a smartphone, iPad or computer, thankfully there are apps that allow you to take the hassle out of these chores. It may not make them fun, but you can save time and supercharge your life in the process.

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Making Handywork Easy

Unless you're handyman or professional home cleaner, chances are you'll cringe every time you try doing one of these tasks. And, if you're looking for professionals, you've also handled at least a couple of scam artists in the course of your search. This is where Handy comes in and is, well, handy! What do they do? They have created an easy-to-navigate online website and mobile app that allows you to easily search vetted home cleaners and handymen and get appointments scheduled for next-day service.

They're currently in several dozen major markets in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and are rapidly expanding. They even do things like assemble a particularly complicated piece of IKEA furniture or fix leaky plumbing. What are you waiting for?

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Get Groceries With Google Express

One of the biggest trends right now in digital apps is express grocery shopping. Though Google Express is only available in a few select markets like San Francisco and Washington D.C., the company is already attracting a lot of attention because unlike other delivery apps like Postmates, they offer access to big box retailers like Whole Foods or Costco. Same day delivery charges a flat rate of $4.99 but if you pay for a $95/year membership, this delivery fee is waived.

You can easily do this on their website, but they also have a mobile app for both iPhone and Android that allows you to make purchases on-the-go. Maybe you decide in the morning, while at work, that you need some items delivered by the evening. Now you can have it done!

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Never Worry About Budgeting

Car payments, mortgage payments, monthly rent, student loans, or medical bills. These are just a few of the monthly expenses people have to worry about budgeting. Even for those who are good at math, it can be difficult to determine how much to spend every day and how much you can afford to put in savings. We think Level Money is going to change that.

"How?" you might be asking. The incredibly simple interface connects directly with your banking information so it automatically updates as you make debit purchases. Instead of manually having to plug in information, it can determine how much you've spent per day, what your average monthly expenses and, from this data, it can let you know if you're overspending. The end result is having more money saved up for when you need it.


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No matter what you might need help with, there is a way (or an app) to come to your aid. Budgeting/bill paying, grocery shopping, and home cleaning are some of the most time consuming tasks, but this new collection of apps seems to be changing the way we do these tasks, for the better. What are some other time-saving apps you might use? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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