Crafts to Fall Into the Season

It's safe to say that fall is comfortably here. Many of us have already had to bust out the jackets and scarves, and some of you further west may have even experienced your first snowfall. Whatever your weather situation, there are other clear markers of fall: football season in full swing, an abundance of apples at your local farmer's market, and Halloween costume stores opening up. Here are a few crafts that'll help you fall into this season and take advantage of these cooler temperatures.

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Dress Up Game Day

To avoid causing too much controversy, we won't reveal our favorite football team, but we know for millions of Americans, one of the biggest markers of fall is their weekly game day tradition. It probably involves sitting in front of a large flat screen television, eating your favorite guilty treats and, of course, drinking.

If you're hosting a party, dust off those unused mason jars and fire up your printer for these mason jar decorations and food labels. The mason jar labels are perfect to help differentiate sodas, beers, or whatever tasty cocktail you might have brewed up. The food labels are also perfect to help those who come over who might have allergies. There will never be any doubt as to what is in a particular dish.

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Make Your Own Apple Toss

Another one of our favorite fall activities is apple picking and apple eating, whether they're whole, in pies, as doughnuts, or cider. If you can't make it to the orchard and want a fun game idea, try this felt Apple-Toss Board. Though this is something that will require parental supervision, it's a relatively easy way to enjoy one of fall's best delights!

We won't go into the step-by-step instructions, but once the board is created, what are some of the games you can think of? For younger kids, it can be as simple as helping them develop fine motor skills whereas older children might be challenged to throw from longer distances, or be assigned a certain point value for each apple that goes through. No matter what you decide, it's sure to be fun.

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A Creative Take on Falling Leaves

We're not quite there yet, but in just a couple weeks the leaves will start changing colors on trees in the northern part of the US. In order to prepare yourself for this experience (or if you never get to see the leaves change), why not try this paper bag tree craft?

It's perfect for kids of all ages, requires few supplies, and doesn't make much of a mess. Still interested in learning more? The gist is that you use a paper bag, scissors, and some construction paper to mimic the changing leaves. Who know that with just a few cuts and twists a paper bag could resemble a tree so closely? If you're feeling particularly ambitious, you can create one than more to make a whole forest!

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As you can see, there are a lot of creative ways to enjoy the changing season and transition out of summer. Check out Pinterest for some additional inspiration, and let us know some of your go-to crafts for the fall season! We always love hearing new suggestions for improving tried and true crafts.

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