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We've officially entered that back-to-school time of year! After a long and exciting summer, it's the right moment to hit the books. In order to make lessons more fun while adding extra learning experiences in both the classroom or home, we wanted to provide examples of the best printable worksheets and activities that would be suited for kids of all ages. Just because it's back-to-school time doesn't mean you still can't have fun!

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Printable Interviews

If you're juggling a class of 20 students, it can be difficult to learn about their background and interests. At the same time, you probably have a handful of students are reluctant to raise their hand and speak out. That's where these printable interviews come in handy. Designed for anyone from grade K to 12, you'll get to learn so much about each individual personality.

For a new class of kindergarteners, you can ask about favorite colors and foods while you can learn about high schoolers emotions going into the new school year. But the best part may be the fact that there's another printable for the end of the year, meaning you'll able to witness how much they've grown in a span of eight or nine months. It'll also help older students reflect back on their experiences, which may aid in career or college planning.

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Responsibility & Money Management Lists

One of the biggest challenges kids have adjusting to the new school year is trying to manage their time. Given the long school days, the last thing they might want to think about at home is doing homework, chores, or managing their allowance or money from part-time jobs.

The MPMK blog has offered a well-designed and inexpensive (only $7.99) solution to this problem: a responsibility and money management binder, which contains morning and even routine sheets, a list that can be made to discuss household chores, and other printables that encourage smarter money-making decisions, including saving it. Though these skew toward younger children, there is also another set of fill-in-the-bank worksheets for older kids who may need less coaching.

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Post-It Notes and Collaborative Work

More and more kids are getting homework these days, often that is complex and requires a parent to look it over. If they've incorrectly solved a math or world problem, it's vital to correct mistakes to ensure they don't learn a particular concept the wrong way at the start.

However, it can be difficult to convey your critiques in ways that don't seem too critical. That's when these colorful and fun post-it notes come into play. With a series of designs, you're able to offer affirmations like, "great work," "perfect," or "love it!" At the same time, you're able to check a "needs work" line and write in suggestions. Because you can use bright colored post-it notes, they're also a vibrant way to add a color to any home workspace.

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And these are just three examples of the hundreds of other worksheets available online. This leads us to an important question: what are you waiting for? Spruce up the back-to-school season with these lesson add-ons. Let us know if you downloaded any or there are other worksheets you'd recommend in the comments section below.

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