The SMART Future for Samsung Printers

After the big news that Home Depot would start selling 3D printers in certain stories nationwide, we wanted to peruse the Internet for some of the lesser-known developments in the printing world. In our search, we came across news that Office Depot has added the Samsung SMART printers to their product line. For us, these Samsung printers are one of the most exciting examples of continued innovation in the printer industry! We wanted to explore some specifics of this new technology and why you should get in on it.

taken from: Samsung

The Latest NFC Technology

You're probably asking, "What exactly is NFC technology?" NFC is short for Near Field Communication, which is essentially a type of technology where NFC-enabled devices can talk to other devices when they're within 10 centimeters. In the case of Samsung SMART printers, you have to activate your NFC technology using the Samsung app and then you simply set your phone on your printer body, and viola, it will automatically print! This means that instead of setting up printer drivers or making sure your printer is wirelessly synched, you simply press a few buttons to set it up then you're ready to go.

One of the major disadvantages of NFC technology is that your phone must be NFC-capable. This means that all Apple devices are not able to use the Samsung SMART printers' NFC capabilities. For a full list of NFC-enabled smart devices, check out this link.

taken from: Samsung

Beyond NFC Technology

If your phone isn't NFC compatible, don't worry! Samsung SMART printers have other advanced features you won't want to miss, and many of the features don't even require you to download an app. How's that for printing made easy?

The first of these features is WiFi-enabled printing. Every Samsung SMART printer is WiFi-enabled so that any smart device can be used to print. Is your laptop or desktop unable to be used for repairs? You can use your smartphone to print, as long as you're in range of the WiFi network. This means means you can print out important documents or necessary paperwork without having to worry if you're logged onto a network.

The second of these features is Google Cloud Print, which provides the ultimate flexibility in terms of printing. This allows you to set up home or printers via your Google Drive account, meaning that no matter if you're at home or on another continent, your documents will get printed. These printers can also be shared easily through Drive, meaning that visiting guests can also have access to your network if they need to print boarding passes.

taken from: Google


As you can see, these new Samsung SMART printers take much of the hassle out of programming printers, and enable greater flexibility to print, even when you're not in the same building as your printer! And if that didn't sweeten the deal, the most basic SMART model is on sale right now at Office Depot for only $69.99. What are you waiting for?

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