The Case For Smart Office Design

When you think of your average office space, smart is probably not the first word that comes to mind. Instead, you probably utter the dreaded word "cubicle," and conjure up the image of a cramped desk space without a window, where you hear the din of a dozen others typing away or fielding customer calls. But an office definitely doesn't have to be like this.

In fact, when you move beyond the cubicle model of office culture, there's actually great potential to improve productivity! Maybe your office won't get a makeover today, but these following suggestions could have a big impact, even if you can adapt them in smaller ways.

taken from: Themes Company

Adjustable desks and conference tables.

Sitting for eight hours, five days a week is torture on your back and your mind. Instead of sitting, convince your boss to buy some adjustable desks. The models vary wildly in price, but even customizable electric models like UpDesk clock in at $1,000. By allowing yourself to change from a sitting to a standing position with ease, you keep your muscles working and your blood flowing. 

The same thing applies with conference tables with another added benefit: less territorial meetings, explains Fast Company. It's hard for someone to dominate the conversation when you're all more engaged.

Create an agile workspace.

When we talk about an agile workspace, we mean a workspace where cubicles aren't the only place where people can get work done. Feeling cramped and claustrophobic is one of the biggest productivity killers, and you shouldn't be forced into that environment.

What are some examples of an agile workspace? Having couch or lounge areas with outlet plugs to help recreate the feeling of being at home. Having communal areas with tables or hi-tops to stimulate a coffee shop environment. Or having small nooks where you can go to conduct conference or Skype calls, allowing you to feel like you've stepped into a private office. The possibilities really are endless!

Bring the office some home, at least sometimes.

Okay, maybe this is less an office improvement suggestion than it is a way of saying the following, "An office doesn't have to be just in one spot." Remote working is more popular than ever, and apart from a few examples (like Yahoo!), most companies are beginning to let their employees work remotely, whether it be on certain afternoons, Fridays, or all of the time! Working from home doesn't have to mean being confined to your apartment, either. Anytime you have WiFi you'd be able to work.

Even better: Forbes has 10 benefits of working from home, which include eliminating stress from long commutes, finding more peace and quiet, and striking a better work/home balance.

We know this is list is by no means exhaustive, but we hope it helps you move from feeling drab and uninspired to positive and productive at your workplace! Feel free to share some other tips you might have for brightening up your workspace, or let us know if you have any questions for how to convince your boss to implement some changes.

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