Web Resources to Increase Productivity

The web, and in particular social media, can be a massive time waster. Have you ever found yourself on Facebook or Wikipedia for what felt like 15 minutes but was really one hour? Has YouTube lured you away for a dozen different music videos at a time? While the web can get us distracted, it can also be the ultimate productivity tool, if used right. We've focused on apps before, but now we wanted to focus on specifically what you can access on your desktop or laptop.

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Shhhhh.....we know this also an app, but you can also use it directly from your desktop. Are you someone who likes a little background noise when you work, but are stuck in a cramped and quiet cubicle? Coffitivity is for you. The premise of the site is simple enough: it generates a continuous loop of ambient noise that recreates a variety of coffee house settings, including quiet morning noise, a more bustling lunchtime chatter, or a university cafe.

The best part is that it won't cost you anything, so you can save 4 dollars every day on that extra latte.

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Do Nothing For Two Minutes

Did a customer call make you irate? Was a major meeting successful but still a real brain drain? It's time to do nothing for two minutes. Like Coffitivity, the premise of this site is very simple: you click a button to stare at a screen with the sound of waves for two minutes. If you click on the trackpad or mousepad, or any keys, it says FAIL in large letters and starts back at two minutes.

Get it a try right now and let us know if you can last the full two minutes! If not, you definitely need a little time away from the stress of your everyday work life.

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Do you happen to find a great link while browsing online but know you don't have the time to look at right away? Enter Pocket. Like Evernote, there is an app version, but you can access all of the features through your web browser, including Firefox or Google Chrome. You can directly email links to a Pocket email, which will then store them in your account for later viewing. This means you're able to catch up on a must see fashion item, an important news story, or totally random bit of information without feeling pressured to do it immediately.

How's that sound for being productive?

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These are just a few of a hundred website suggestions to help make you more productive. If you're given any of these a try, what do you think of them? What other suggestions have helped you avoid the Internet brain drain?

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