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There are so many productivity apps out there that it can be hard to keep track of the useful ones. Of course, we always recommend Evernote, which has the single largest set of features and organizational tools. But we wanted to expand our horizons a little bit by providing a list of some of the latest (and best) apps that manage the insanity of everyday life! By avoiding bad organizational apps, which will ultimately do more harm than good, you can focus more on the things that matter in life.


1. OneReceipt

No matter which way you look at receipts, you're going to think of them as a hassle. With more and more people working as individual contractors or entrepreneurs, tracking receipts is more important than ever, come tax time. OneReceipt is the perfect solution to handle paper receipts by taking a photo with your phone's camera, or by automatically synching with your email inbox for all those e-commerce purchases. Better yet? It's free!

At the same time, we also love the fact that OneReceipt gathers on-going sales your favorite online retailers are having. This saves you the hassle of having to get 50 different emails directly in your inbox from these retailers.

taken from: CNET

2. Documents 5

Though Microsoft has released Office for iPad and other mobile devices, editing these documents can still be difficult, especially on smartphones. That's where Documents 5 comes in. The app is available for free on iOS and lets you edit Office documents, PDF files, images and music, directly from popular cloud storage platforms, including Dropbox. When you're on the go or traveling for work, this is the perfect solution to stay connected without having to pull out your laptop.

We also love the gorgeous interface, which is clean, colorful, and reminds us of having an arsenal of pens, highlighters, and markers at our disposal, even though it's entirely digital.

taken from: CNET

3. TurboScan

Guess what? You never have to worry about faxing another document again thanks to TurboScan. This handy app costs $2.99 but it can save you a ton of money at your local FedEx Office Store. First you capture images of voided checks or other documents, then the app converts them into PDF files. After this, you can then adjust brightness, sharpness and other factors to create a document that can be easily emailed out to colleagues or for other personal matters.

This app is also now available for Android devices, so virtually anyone with a mobile device can ditch the fax machine.

taken from: CNET


These are just three selections to get you started on the path to a more organized life! What are some other tools or apps that you'd recommend to reduce clutter and keep focused on more important tasks?

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