Getting Crafty for Memorial Day

f you step outside, it probably doesn't feel like summer outside, at least in most of the US. But it's true next weekend is Memorial Day, which means the unofficial start to summer for most. BBQs and beach trips might be in order, but to really honor the military servicemen and women this holiday was created for, you can turn to various craft projects. Think a lot of red, white, and blue! Better yet? You can do these crafts with your kids, who will finally be off from school and itching for something fun to do.

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Let Patriotic Colors Fly

One of the most summery of summer crafts is a windsock. We can just imagine the afternoons spent in the backyard, watching the warm breeze blow the streamers! We love this special patriotic version, which combines red, white and blue streamers and construction paper as an ode to Memorial Day or Fourth of July. Feel free to customize it with as many streamers or white stars as you'd like!

It's also a great project because it's eco-friendly, given that the base of the windsock is a recycled cardboard oatmeal container.

taken from: Mom Always Finds Out

Homemade Felt Poppies

Since World War One, when troops fought in poppy fields in Belgium, this elegant red flower has become a symbol of remembrance for those who died in war. With this handy tutorial, you can make your own felt poppies using just a red felt, some white fabric, hot glue, black buttons and an alligator clip. You can make multiples and have your younger kids help arrange the bouquet!

If you do have members of your family who died during a war, you can also take the poppies to their gravesite. They'll last a lot longer than conventional store-bought flowers.

taken from: The Benson Street

Red, White, and Blue Luminaries

With the days getting longer and the nights staying warmer, it means we can finally sit outside after dusk! To help light the way (and honor servicemen and women at the same time), we love these tin can luminaries. They are the perfect collaborative craft for parents and kids of all ages! Just gather some tin cans around the house, purchase patriotic paints, get a nail/hammer, and small tea light candles.

Mom or Dad can use the nail to make the holes while kids can paint the exterior to their liking! As the sun begins to set, place the tea light inside, light it up, and watch it sparkle.

taken from: Days of a Domestic Dad


As you can see, there are some perfect crafts to celebrate the unofficial start to summer and honor those who died in battle! With a lot of red, white and blue, and a little collaboration, there will be no mistaking it's Memorial Day. Feel free to share other craft ideas in the comments section below or let us know what you think about our suggestions.

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