Lix, the Amazing 3D Printing Pen

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With all of the 3D printing developments, it's easy to say the industry is overhyped. No, we don't think every home will have a 3D printer, at least not the way the machines are currently designed. But what gets us excited is when 3D printing technology doesn't something that's totally unexpected. Enter LIX, a 1.4 ounce pen that allows you to write and draw objects in 3D. We wanted to talk a little bit more about what LIX can do, and why we're so excited about it!

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The Nitty Gritty of LIX

LIX is currently running a Kickstarter, which has an initial goal of 30,000 GBP, which is equal to roughly $50,500. However, in just 10 days, they've raised an impressive $1,053,400 with nearly 7,000 backers. Why are people so excited about LIX? Let's look at the ingenuity of the design. LIX looks like a standard pen, and as mentioned, is relatively light compared to other mobile electronics. But pen's interior technology is what sets apart from the competition.

With patented technology, you thread a wide array of colored plastic filaments through the pen. After the pen has been charged using a standard USB plug that can connect to a computer, you simply turn the pen on and wait 60 seconds for it to heat up. As the filament passes through the heated end of the pen, it melts, which then allows you to draw. An adjustable speed control lets you determine just how quickly the filament is expelled.

taken from: Kickstarter

What It Can Do

No doubt LIX is a gorgeous design, but we're more excited about what it can be used for. Unlike other 3D printers and similar devices, you don't have to have a degree in computer design or advanced knowledge of software tools. This means that LIX is perfectly suited for a casual user who is just interested in experimenting with new technology and creating random designs.

At the same time, because of the portability and versatility of the pen, it can have applications in craftmaking, other arts, or even scientific modeling. If you are a fashion designer, for instance, the LIX makers say you can add "beautiful embellishments and ornaments" directly on to dresses, t-shirts or other fabrics. If you're interested in home decor, you could make your own decorative items for around the house. If you're a scientist, you can even build models of various elements or use the pen to conceptualize prototypes you may have developed.

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The LIX pen is by no means a perfect 3D device, but given its ingenious design and widespread use, it shows promise as to where 3D printing technology can go. Feel free to share your thoughts about LIX below or let us know what you'd want to create.

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