Exciting Mother's Day Crafts

Mother's Day is coming up on May 11th, which means it's just a little over two weeks away! Thankfully that's plenty of time to get crafty for any of the mothers in your life. Rather than buying a simple store bought card, bouquet of flowers, or necklace, these homemade gift ideas will go a long way in creating a truly special Mother's Day experience. Some of the ideas we wanted to highlight can enhane any gift you might purchase while others are standalone projects. No matter what you decide to do, a personalized touch always goes a long way.

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Give Mom a Movie Night (or Two)

Pretty much everybody loves movies, right? This gift idea from Martha Stewart is one of the easiest to recreate at home. You can use a store bought card or make your own, but otherwise all you need to do is use the printable template on the website that lets you print out little tickets. These tickets say, "Mom, you are a star!" and say "Admit 1 Mom" on the sides.

To really add a special touch, create a gift basket that includes DVDs, a bag of popcorn, chocolate, or other kinds of sweets. Consider it the ultimate staycation package.

taken from: Martha Stewart

Spruce Up Gift Wrap for Spring

Let's say your mom likes to read and you decide to pick up some books she has wanted to read but has never gotten around to purchase. But don't overlook the wrapping paper! Rather than buying the traditional wrapping paper, you can add creative touches that Artifact Uprising suggests. Some of them can be bought directly through the website, but most can be recreated right at home.

Some ideas? Print out a photograph of you and your mom together and write a handwritten note on it. This can function as a card of sorts. Instead of using tape to close off the wrapping paper, use twine. Since it's spring, take advantage of the floral theme: find flowers or other budding branches in your backyard. Also consider a vintage flower print wrapping paper, such as this option from Papyrus. Whatever you choose, let your imagination bloom.

taken from: Artifact Uprising

Give the Green Thumb Gift

If your mom is totally averse to plants or gardening, this gift probably isn't for her. But if you think your mom loves nature, tea, or gardening, you can't pass up this Tea Garden in a Box from Martha Stewart. All you'll need to do is head over to your local gardening store to purchase some soil, and seeds for various herbs, including pineapple sage, mint, lavender and rose geranium. Then you have to find a wooden planter box and let the seeds germinate before Mother's Day.

The end result is a live garden that can be used to make herbal teas, which are also known as tisanes. The herbs can also be added to your existing black tea brews, or even added when cooking. The herbs do require direct sunlight and some watering, but they are otherwise low maintenance.

taken from: Martha Stewart


These are just some of the many ways to impress mom on Mother's Day! Feel free to share your own unique projects in the comments section below, or provide suggestions for how to spruce up existing gifts and really show you care.

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