Spring Cleaning Your Digital World

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Even if it might not feel like spring outside, today officially marked the start of the season. As we transition to warmer weather, we're also moving into a time when cleaning out clutter becomes a priority. Of course, managing your house or apartment is form of spring cleaning, but a digital spring cleaning might also be necessary! In order to help you out, we wanted to highlight some tools to help leave your online life in tip top shape.

Get Your Passwords In Order

You probably have websites set up to pay bills, manage student loan payments, credit cards, or make retail purchases. If you're keeping your digital footprint secure, this means having unique passwords for the accounts. The trouble with that, however, is that it's easy to forget all of the passwords. Thankfully there is a solution: 1Password.

Designed for all computers and mobile devices, 1Password securely encrypts all of these pesky passwords and credit card data in one place so you don't have to continually remember your log-in information. This means that every month you go in to pay a bill, you won't have to ask to create a new password! Saving time and being more efficient is one sure sign of spring.

Collaborate With Others More Easily

While Google Docs is our go-to collaboration platform, a sure of spring is trying out new tools. This spring we're all about Fetchnotes. What exactly is special about? It combines the ease of social media platform Twitter with the real-time, multi-device functionality of Google Docs. You use hashtags to start unique conversations and @mentions to tag your friends, family members or colleagues with whatever task you want to share.

An added plus? The design is simple and clean, so you don't have to worry about extra clutter.

taken from: The Verge

Clean Out That Inbox

Our battle with our email inboxes is never ending. Some days we have 20 messages in our inbox, other days there can be hundreds or thousands. When was the last time you spent a good chunk of time de-cluttering your inbox? If you said October, now is the time to set aside an evening to get your inbox organized.

Our suggestions for cleaning it up: go through and delete any messages that are no longer important. For messages you think you might return to, including important work-related conversations or travel documents, star these items and click "archive." If you have a lot of messages marked unread, take the time to go through them and see if a response is warranted.

If you want to be proactive about your inbox in the future, consider Gmail labels. These allow you to search for keywords in emails and automatically subdivide them into specific categories. This is particularly useful if you're using your email account for both personal and work-related communications, or have emails forwarded from other accounts.

As you can see, even your digital world can get a bit cluttered, but there are ways to apply the principles of spring cleaning your house to your online world. Doing so allows you to use your time more efficiently, letting you spend more time on the things you enjoy. Feel free to share your own tips on how you keep your digital world organized in the comments section below.

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