Creative St. Patrick's Day Crafts

Monday, March 17th is St. Patrick's Day, which is definitely one of our favorite holidays of the year because it's so colorful! Who doesn't love bright green, gold, and rainbow accents? After that recent snowstorm, we're officially done with winter crafts, but we're certainly not done crafting altogether! We have a few new ideas that are sure to make anyone green with envy, celebrating everything we love about Ireland. All of them are good for kids in some way, which will help pass the time this upcoming weekend.

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Coffee Filter Shamrocks

As you can tell, the shamrock is probably the most ubiquitous symbol of St. Patrick's day, outside of that well-known emerald green shade. From Shamrock Shakes to this coffee filter shamrock, there are so many different varieties of shamrocks. So, what makes this coffee filter craft such a good idea?

All you need is coffee filters, green pipe cleaners and green food dye, meaning you likely have 2 of those ingredients at home already. Because the project is only a few steps, kids of any age are able to participate. You might need to help a little one tie the pipe cleaner around the coffee filter, but after that they're good to go! Finally, once they are completed, you can place them all around the house, so it's like getting multiple crafts from one project.

Pots of Gold

Yes, we know leprechauns are just a myth and there's no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but we like to pretend! These pots of gold from Willowday are especially cute and can even be turned into a game, depending on what you want to hide inside of the pot (think: candy, chocolate, or even some dollar coins). Because the instructions call for the use of multiple materials and use of fine motor skills, the bulk of the work is best left for adults or older children.

How would you like to customize this particular craft? It seems like there are so many ways to make it your own.

taken from: willowday

St. Patrick's Day Joke Notes

We debated whether or not to even call this one a craft because basically all of the work is done for you. There is a free PDF file of jokes that blog teachmama says is perfect for kids' lunchboxes. All you really have to do is cut them out and fold them for an added school lunch surprise. But we decided to include them anyway because they are a jumping off point for a number of other projects.

If you consider yourself a real comedian, why not try making your own jokes? If you're more of an artist, consider trying whimsical pictures with a St. Patrick's Day theme. Not everything has to be a joke, as any little reminder of the holiday is sure to brighten up somebody's day. You can also feel to stash the jokes everywhere you want. Think: hiding them inside a pair of shoes, an unfilled cereal bowl before breakfast, or on top of a pillow.


There you have it! A few easy projects to get green with envy in the 11 days left until St. Patrick's Day. Feel free to share any other projects you might have in the comments section below, or include a photo of your best St. Patrick's Day spirit. Don't be shy.

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