DropTask: An Ultimate Productivity Tool For Business

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While we've focused a lot on individual productivity solutions before, we wanted to shift the focus a little bit to the business world. Why? Because we know how different tools are marketed directly toward small businesses, without many of them being properly vetted. We wanted to spend some time exploring DropTask, which is suited for everyone in the smallest companies to mid-size businesses.

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New Way of Internal Office Communication

Don't get us wrong! We love Google+ as an office communication tool, but when it comes to collaboration on specific projects, we definitely find a number of features to be lacking. This is where DropTask comes in and excels in a way Google+ does not.

Some of the notable features include:

  • The visual style, which allows us for a more intuitive visualization of tasks. Because most office projects are never about one single task, you are able to group together multiple components of a larger project so that different individuals in your office can work together more efficiently.
  • Integration of notifications in email. You can synch up DropTask with Gmail or any other client so that you'll receive notifications when tasks approach certain deadlines. Since the internal chat client within tasks might be updated daily, you can also receive a daily digest of these communications.
  • Tagging lets you avoid lengthy email chains. We're not going to say this will help you get to inbox zero, but it will help you avoid having lengthy back and forth email strings. Because you can tag individuals within your company, you can let your inbox be less cluttered for external communications.

A handy video illustrates more of the features here.

With You, on the Go

Whether you're on the train, in the air on a cross-country flight with just your iPad, or experiencing wireless trouble at home, there's no longer an excuse to say you're unable to work. Don't be a bad boss and make your employees check their devices 24-7, but do consider DropTask a tool that enables everyone to work more efficiently, saving you and your company valuable time and money.

The only downside to all of this is that the Android app is still in development, so your employees would need to have Apple devices in order for the services to be maximized.

 source: DropTask

The Price Is Right

Those are words we always love hearing. DropTask will not break the bank. Why is that? For the smallest business owners, who expect to use it for up to 5 projects with 2 employees per project, the service is free! Be warned that you won't be able to attach outside files or use the reminders feature, but you otherwise have much of the same functionality.

Want to maximize your use of the product? That will only set you back $6.50 per month, or $65 per year, should you choose to have automatic renewal plans. This gives you an unlimited number of employees who can be listed on as many projects as you have going on at one minute. Other productivity services can sell for hundreds of dollars per month for businesses.


Feel free to share any experiences on using DropTask, or mention any other productivity tools you're using at the moment.

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