Guide to Being Successful in 2014

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It's not a surprise that we want to see you succeed at whatever you do. We've even offered some of our favorite tips to make those goals a reality. If you've started off 2014 with a list of resolutions, you might already feel a bit discouraged that some of your best intentions are falling by the wayside. But don't despair! Anything can be salvaged if you follow a few easy tips we've gathered across the Internet.


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Don't think about what you failed at.

Does this sound a bit obvious? Probably, but people often forget how they are their own worst enemies. Focusing on the negative can lead to a self-defeating cycle in which you lose motivation to act on your goals. By turning the narrative to the positive, toward what you want to accomplish and why, you will be able to achieve a lot more.

Have the tools you need to succeed.

Fast Company reminded us that having the right tools to achieve your goals is a big part of your success. We can't speak to what your specific goal is, but let's take fitness as an example. Do you want to keep better track of your exercise routines? RunKeeper is one of our favorite apps to help record your progress. We particularly like the notifications you get when you've best your personal records.

Create calendar reminders or use sticky notes.

Want to achieve a goal? Nothing says, "get motivated" quite like a constant calendar reminder or a carefully placed sticky note. In the age of instant gratification, out of sight can often mean something slips out of your mind. These reminders are ways to continually help you realize your goals.

At the same time, these reminders can contain hard deadlines for when specific goals need to be accomplished. If you've ever talked to journalists or other creative types, the pressure of time often gets them motivated to act.

Keep it consistent.

We know that life often throws a series of unexpected challenges that might affect our ability to accomplish goals, both big and small. However, this doesn't mean that you're totally powerless. If work is particularly hectic, try to build in 30 minutes every morning before you leave to exercise or set aside 30 minutes when you get home to do writing.

It might not be everything you want or need, but when you do have more time to devote to your goals, it'll be much easier to scale things up. This will also allow you to keep track of your progress much more easily.



Feel free to share your biggest goals for 2014, how you're doing so far, and what you still have to accomplish. As always, we're here to help you stay productive and focused in any way that we can.

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