Crafting Your Way Into 2014

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It's hard to believe that 2013 is going to be over in less than a week! We've enjoyed all of the time you've spent reading our blog posts this year. None of these posts have been more fun than our arts and crafts suggestions. While we love all things printed, we also want you to get out there and get creative with a few simple materials. That's why we've ending 2013 on a truly festive note with three more craft ideas.

Spruce Up That Mask

Do you plan on getting dolled up to ring in 2014? Have you been looking for a costume/outfit idea? Look no further than Flax & Twine's brilliant masquerade upgrade. They do require a few more ingredients than we'd normally suggest, but everything else is readily available in your local craft and fabric store. The number of designs you choose can be as endless as the fabric you have access to.

Even if you don't have a theme when you ring in the New Year, these masks are perfect to stand out from the crowd. Better yet, they're colorful and cheerful so that they can take a very sleek ensemble to a whimsical new level. When you think of New Year's Eve, you probably don't think dark, brooding mystery. These are definitely no Phantom of the Opera.

Turn Introspection Into a Party Idea

Somewhere in the middle of December as we realize the end of the year is coming to a close, we get a strong urge to reflect on the things we've accomplished, struggled with, or changed throughout the year. We never are perfect so we take December as an opportunity to better ourselves in 2014. To this effect, we love Choose Your Own Guiding Word project by mamascout.

Though it calls for the activity to be done privately, how about turning it into a party game? Taking sheets of paper, print out several of the questions from the activity and ask your guests to write their responses in the paper below. This allows everyone to reflect together on how they're going to guide themselves into the New Year. You can even copy the pages and create a little printed out souvenir for your guests to enjoy. A New Year's Eve doesn't only have to be about the champagne.

Hang It From the Ceiling

This decoration actually hangs directly from the ceiling, and was found in a blog dated back to 2012. Obviously you'll need to change the number from 2013 to 2014, but this project by Moms Have Questions Too is ideal if you have younger kids and want to get them involved earlier on the New Year's Eve fun.

The base of this requires only colored notecards, plue, and some glitter. It helps younger kids learn penmanship and motor skills as they decorate the notecard. Then you can choose to add as few or as many streamers as you like. (We encourage going wild!)

The best part about these is that once your kids watch you put them up, they can stay up through January, reminding them of their crafting accomplishment.


Once again, thank you for a wonderful 2013! We wish you all a prosperous, happy and health start to 2014. As always, feel free to share other crafty ideas in the comments section below.

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