It's Not Too Late to Get Ghoulish For Halloween

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Halloween is only a week away, but it's not too late to get those last minute spooktacular decorations ready. You could go to the store and buy an plastic carved pumpkin lit with LED lights or frightful fake fingers for your candy bowl. But that wouldn't be so fun! Consider making your own decorations instead. It's a great way to add a special homemade touch to one of our favorite holidays and surprise any guests or trick-or-treaters who might be visiting on Halloween night.

Get creative with that pumpkin carving.

Pumpkins are everywhere during the month of October, from lattes and beer to pie and cheesecake. But pumpkins, when properly carved and lit with a candle, also set the mood right on Halloween. Instead of relying on your usual go-to faces, check out DIY Network to download up to 24 different templates. After printing these out, you can then trace the design directly on the pumpkin and carve them out. The spooky set of eyes are our favorite.

Turn down the lights and add glowing ghosts.

Want a simple way to add some ghosts to your decoration mix? Look no further than Martha Stewart's glowing ghosts. Get several white balloons, green glow sticks, a black marker and transparent tape. Activate the glowstick then stick it inside the balloon. Blow it up and tie it shut with the glowstick inside. Using a marker, draw a creepy wide-eyed face on it. After you stick it to the wall with some transparent tape, all you need to do is dim the lights and let the spirits come alive!

What do you have in those jars?

You probably have a lot of old mason jars lying around your house. To make the perfect curiosities, try DIY Network's mad scientist jars. By stuffing the jars with doll heads, fake bugs or other creepy creations, you can replicate the feel of a scientist's diabolical laboratory. You can either place the jars throughout your house to keep guests distracted at every turn, or you can create one large shrine on an end table or kitchen counter. The choice is up to you! Just don't forget to make printed labels using a gothic font to make the jars seem even older.

These are just some of the many possible Halloween crafts you could make! Feel free to share your own ideas in the comments section below. If you're not up for getting some ready before Halloween, consider our fall craft idea, which would be the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving gathering.

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