Your Next Home Office Workhorse: The Epson WP-4020

What if you could have a printer that was relatively light weight but durable enough to handle over 2000 printed black and white pages with a single ink cartridge? Enter the Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4020, a 24-pound, high-capacity, high-speed printer that retails for only $149.99. Whether you often find yourself working from home and need to print a lot of documents quickly and efficiently, or just want to get the most bang for buck, you no longer have to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars to get a printer that would leave most small offices jealous.

Some Notable Features

The Epson WP-4020 has very fast printing speeds. These speeds average up to 12.6 pages per minute in monochrome and 2.7 pages per minute, according to a PCWorld test. While the color printing speed may be reduced significantly from the advertised 11 pages per minute, this still allows you to print photos and other color documents with ease, without sacrificing print quality like less expensive printers do.

The ink cartridges are among some of the most long lasting. A standard black ink cartridge will print up to 2400 pages, whereas the 4 different color cartridges can last an impressive 1200 pages. While there are other multi-function printers in a similar price range, they will not have as large or as long-lasting of cartridges, which ends up costing you significantly more if you factor in heavy future use.

You won't have to load the print tray every other job. Have you ever been displeased by the frequency with which you have to load a standard printer with paper? The WP-4020 holds up to 330 sheets at a time, making it perfect for long-form business reports, school projects, or do-it-yourself tax documents.

You can easily connect multiple printers and your mobile phones to the printer. For those who want to synch up documents from their iPhone, iPad, or laptop computer, the process is a cinch! With built-in wireless network connectivity and mobile app functionality from Google and Epson's own Epson Connect, you won't need an advanced degree to print from every room in your house.

As PCWorld notes, "The one-year warranty is one of its few disappointments." So if you're looking for a printer that has a long-term warranty and dedicated customer support, you'll have to look elsewhere. But if you're someone who wants a printer that can handle a constant barrage of print jobs, the Epson WP-4020 is for you. Please share some thoughts below on what you look for when buying a new printer, or browse our website to get some ideas on the cost of replacement cartridges for any printer you might own.

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