When Evernote Benefits Your Business

It's no surprise that we love to use the productivity app Evernote to help organize our day-to-day lives at 247inktoner. While it's clear all of the personal features we talked about (in our previous blog) can be helpful for anyone, we wanted to take some time to highlight Evernote Business. At just 10 dollars per month, this all-in-one organizational tool can keep any small business organized and running more efficiently. Whether it's sharing contact information, important business documents, payment information, or log-in passwords, there are features that everyone can find useful.

A Total Integration Of Data

While Dropbox, Salesforce, or LastPass might store all of the data your business needs, Evernote takes this data integration one step further. For instance, any employee can create a personal notebook through Evernote that allows them to store important notes, log-in information, or other content. Rather than having to share the data with all users, or through unsecured channels like email, each personal notebook can be shared with a few clicks.

As an added advantage, if you're working on a larger project or developing training procedures for potential new hires, you can create a series of documents that are available in the Business Library. Under this library, Evernote can also suggest when documents might be related, which may help you find bits of information much more efficiently. It can also help introduce those unfamiliar to your company's specific language or practices, without them even having to enter in any new search terms.

Evernote Web Clipper

If you're anything like us, you probably rely on the Internet to find out information on competitors or to search for relevant information for developing social media content. Enter Evernote Web Clipper. Though you can simply take screenshots on your computer, Evernote lets you take snapshots directly from a plug-in on your web browser. In letting you cut out specific links, text, or images, and storing them in remote servers, you can access these files online or through Evernote's app. Because this can be saved into the main business account, anyone within the company can then have access to this valuable data.

Dedicated Support

Transitioning to a new information system might be difficult or time consuming in many cases, but not with Evernote! All Evernote Business accounts come with dedicated support staff who know the ins and outs of the business-specific features. When you have more than 10 employees signed up at once, you will even get phone support from their Business Success team. Whatever your needs are, you won't have to wait long or have to go through multiple channels of support. Their Online Resource page also provides illustrated step-by-step instructions for FAQs.


When it comes to helping maximize your time, collecting your valuable data, and making it accessible to all in your organization, there really is no other all-in-one system quite like Evernote. As an added advantage, you can pay for a full year upfront or pay monthly, so that you never have to feel obligated to make a long term commitment. Feel free to share how you think Evernote might benefit your business, or how you're already using it to make your business more productive!

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