Summer Crafts to Spice Up Your BBQ


Though it might be too late to spruce up your Fourth of July BBQ with some homemade crafts, there are at least 6 weeks left to add decorative touches to your next outdoor party. With a paper pinwheel or homemade labels for your items, these little details go a long way in providing creative flair to keep your guests entertained and talking. Like our blog post on Father's Day crafts, these projects take little more than a few steps and a trip to the craft store.

Paper Pinwheels

With those nice summer breezes, what's a better decorative touch than a paper pinwheel? These simple creations will keep young children amused and adults envious. Martha Stewart provides step-by-step instructions on how to create these particular crafts. All you will need is origami or lightweight paper, a dowel/skewer, a spray mount to ensure the paper stays put, two types of pins and a bead. Since you can find the paper in any imaginable color, these pinwheels are great for every occasion-- from a girl's princess birthday party to an outdoor graduation celebration.

One of the important things to remember is that you must use lightweight paper. The heavier the paper, the less likely it is to blow in any breeze. Though the pinwheels look good at a standstill, the patterned origami paper they're made from looks especially vibrant when it is spinning. Depending on the setting for your outdoor party, you can make these pinwheels centerpieces at tables or position them any way that would be best for your party.

Homemade Labels

One of the easiest ways to provide small visual surprises at your next outdoor event is to create homemade labels for food items. If you've made any homemade jams or similar fruit-flavored desserts, these premade labels will be perfect for you! All you will need is a printer, adhesive label paper, the provided template, scissors, and a pen to describe the flavors or ingredients in the food item.

For those who want to branch out to other items, including bottled beer, chocolate desserts, or any of the usual greasy summer eats, you can make your own labels in Microsoft Word. Just picking a decorative font can go a long way in making a label stand out. It will also let guests with dietary restrictions be sure of what they are eating and help you, as a host, avoid any food-related mishaps.

When printing out these labels, be sure to double check to make sure you're not printing in a draft setting. While this setting works well for everyday use, it can severely degrade the quality of printing in full-color. The major advantage of these labels is that they can help make an outdoor party feel more homemade, even for items that are store-bought. Poor quality labels detract from this illusion.

If you've gotten inspired from these two ideas, check out others, including festive drink umbrellas for summer mojitos or margaritas. If you have any other ideas for making your next BBQ special, share them in the comments below. In the meantime, enjoy Fourth of July and all the other outdoor fun summer has to offer!

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