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Maybe you're getting into a summer lull at work or gearing up for a once-a-year business conference. No matter the occasion, when was the last time you thought to update your business cards? These little cards matter more than people think, especially in terms of design. Serving as a first impression, they could help you be remembered for upcoming business deals or future job opportunities. The following tips will help you spruce up your business cards and really make an impression, whatever the event might be.

Always use a professional printer.

The convenience of home printing or the cost savings of online services can be alluring, but you often have to sacrifice quality for cost or convenience. Nothing says you don't care more than misaligned business cards or a flimsy card stock. By using a professional printer, you always ensure the most consistent quality. If cost is a concern for you, print only as many cards as you need right now. You can always go back and get more cards printed at a later date.

Also, though some of you may have experience with Adobe Photoshop or other design-related programs, some may not. Professional printers will have these skills and can work closely with you to customize all aspects of the business cards.

Consider your audience.

While there are numerous websites which show creative design ideas for business cards, consider your industry. Though you may want to stand out, having a card that others will consider too unusual might do more harm than good. For instance, working in an arts or media-related field might allow you to play with unusual card shapes whereas if you work in banking, sticking to the traditional rectangle is a wise idea.

When you work within a more traditional field, subtle changes can also go a long way. Examples include using a non-glossy matte finish, a distinct typeface or small splashes of color.

Double check your information.

This seems like a no-brainer, but if it's been more than six months since you got your last business cards, ensure your title, email address, and phone numbers are all correct. It's also a good idea to consider whether or not you want to include multiple email addresses. For those who might work in a variety of different industries, or do freelance work, having complete contact information might be more valuable.

Whatever the case, few things stop a potential business opportunity more quickly than a bounced email or a call to the wrong number.

Get a backup of your design.

When working with a professional printer, always request a copy of the business card. Like any digital file, keeping only one copy is a bad idea. You might decide to use another printer or the printer's copy could get erased somehow. By keeping a copy you ensure you don't have to start from square one the next time you need to reorder.


Though deciding on design elements might seem like a daunting idea, considering all aspects of your business card design can give you a professional edge. By considering your industry, working with a printing pro, and ensuring the correct information, you can make a splash at your next industry event! In the meantime, share a photo of your business card below to help others get inspired.

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