Common HP Fax error codes

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To get the most out of your HP fax or all-in-one printer, you should use high-quality supplies. Compatible ink works perfectly well, and it allows you to save money. Even if you are careful about using the right supplies and are diligent about maintaining your machine, errors may still occur. With HP fax machines, error codes are used to alert you to problems. By noting these codes and finding out what they mean, you can usually resolve your HP fax problem in no time. Although there are many HP fax error codes, most people only encounter a small handful of them. The most common ones are highlighted below.

HP Fax Error Codes when Sending Faxes

It's fairly unusual to get HP fax error codes when sending faxes. Most of the error codes that you'll receive will occur when you are receiving faxes. If you have an error code when sending a fax with your HP machine, there is one easy way to remedy the situation: Disable V.34, which is also known as the modem control. Instructions for doing this should be listed in your machine's manual. It's actually quite easy to do, and your problem should be resolved.

HP Fax Error Codes when Receiving Faxes

The majority of the most common HP fax error codes occur while receiving faxes. There are dozens of codes, but only a few of them are common enough to list here:

  • 232 Code - This means that some kind of communication error has occurred between the two machines or programs. It can also mean that the power has been interrupted or turned off entirely. In most cases, you just need to try again. If the problem persists, you should disable the error correction mode, or ECM.
  • 252 Code - When this code appears, it means that your phone line is not capable of receiving faxes properly. Sometimes, this is a temporary issue and goes away after awhile. Other times, the phone line itself is to blame. You may be able to get around it by reconfiguring your HP fax to receive at a slower speed.
  • 200 Code - In this case, your fax session has timed out. Just try again in a few minutes.
  • 242 Code - This code means that your machine is confused. The other machine may be trying to receive a fax instead of sending one, or it may already be in the process of receiving another fax. The only way to handle this is by waiting for a few minutes and trying again.
  • 227 Code - If your HP fax machine displays this code while trying to receive a fax, it means that the incoming fax is not supported by the machine. You may still be able to receive it though. To do so, you will have to reconfigure the speed at which your machine receives faxes. Slowing it down usually does the trick.

If you run across a code that isn't listed here, it could mean that your HP fax is experiencing more serious problems.

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