Why Pocket Printers are great for photographers

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Pocket printer next to a phone The world of photography has experienced some truly incredible advancements in recent years. Not that long ago, the only way to see the photos that you took with a regular camera was by having them developed at a local store. Thanks to digital cameras, all of that has changed. It's now possible to instantly see how a photo looks. You can also edit it, delete it or share it in a heartbeat. One piece of the puzzle has been missing: creating physical prints of digital photos while on the go. That's changing quickly too. There are more pocket-sized printers on the market than ever, like the Brother PocketJet. Learn more about these innovative products below.

Sharing Digital Photos

Whether you snap a photo with a digital camera or a smartphone, sharing it online is easy enough. In the case of smartphones, you can instantly share your photo on popular social networks; you just have to click a button. It's also a breeze to share digital photos via email, so that's a popular option as well. Now that reliable and affordable pocket printers are here, it's finally possible to share actual prints with people immediately after taking a digital photo. This development opens up many exciting doors.

Digital Photography

If you're just concerned with snapping quick photos while on the go, a smartphone should more than suffice. If you're more concerned about producing professional-grade photographs, there are digital SLR cameras out there that are sure to do the trick. In either case, the digital photos that are produced can be edited and tweaked from just about anywhere. Once you have exactly what you want, you don't have to limit yourself to sharing it on Facebook or through an email. With a pocket printer, you can print out a physical copy of your photo in just about a minute.

How it Works

When you think of traditional printers, you're sure to be puzzled by the concept of pocket printers. After all, standard printers require ink, toner and legal-sized sheets of paper. How on earth will all of those components fit into a pocket printer? The answer lies in the innovative technology that is used in these pint-sized printers. With a weight of just about eight ounces, the standard pocket printer is far too small to include ink or toner. These remarkable printers use thermal printing technology instead. The results are every bit as vibrant as those that you would enjoy with regular printers.

Special Paper Makes it Possible

You won't have to worry about buying ink or toner when you use a pocket printer, all that is needed is special paper that has dye crystals embedded in it.  It only takes about 60 seconds to produce a small photo. As a result, you can snap a terrific photo with your digital camera or smartphone and print out a gorgeous copy of it in no time.

The Possibilities are Endless

Connecting a pocket printer to a digital camera or smartphone is a breeze. In most cases, the two devices can be connected via Bluetooth or through a PictBridge port. With that in mind, you can easily slip your pocket printer into your camera bag, purse or backpack. Once you've given it a try, you're sure to be hooked. People are always tickled to be presented with actual photos while out and about, and the technology is still new enough to surprise people.   

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