What is the Brother Toner Save mode?

8. August 2012 06:00 by Calvin Yu in Troubleshooting and Printer Tips  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

Printing for businesses and home-use comes with variable costs for paper, toner and cartridges. There are several ways in which users can conserve resources in order to save money, including printing on the backs of pages and utilizing electronic copies whenever possible. By taking advantage of the toner save mode in your Brother printer, users can save money on their printing needs while benefiting the environment. Other printer manufacturers name the option economy mode or draft mode.

Illustration of how many more prints you can get when toner save mode is on The toner save mode can be activated or deactivated from the printer preferences or the print dialog box. Other printer manufacturers have a button that turns on the draft mode located directly on the printer. There is an option to set this mode as default so that every job users less toner when printing. By decreasing the resolution and using fewer dots per inch, the toner save mode consumes fewer resources. This mode cuts the dpi in half to produce lighter images that are still clear. Requiring less toner causes the cartridges to last an average of 15 percent longer. Cumulative savings add up to about $25 per year.

Since this mode produces clear documents that are still readable, the applications are plentiful. Electronic receipts, rough drafts, coupons and reference material can be printed using the toner save mode without making any sacrifices. High-resolution options can be reserved for final drafts, framed photographs and important business documents. Users will save about ten percent of their toner when printing single or bulk jobs with this economy mode.

Businesses and personal users will not have to replace the Brother toner cartridges as often, and this conservation of resources saves even more time by reducing the frequency of ordering replacements from us. The utilization of fewer resources also reduces the environmental impact of everyday printing. High-resolution images and darker lines are ideal when quality is an important factor, but for most other documents, the toner save mode is more practical and comes with the benefit of savings.

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