How to clean the corona wire in Brother laser printers

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The corona wire is an important component of a Brother laser printer, vital to the operation of the printer. The role of the corona wire is to transfer the toner onto the paper from the laser printer's imaging drum. It accomplishes this task by placing a charge onto the paper. The charge causes the paper to attract the toner to it, which allows you to complete your printing job. If the corona wire is not functioning properly, then the Brother laser printer will not work.

The most common signs of a dirty or malfunctioning corona wire include light printing jobs, illegible printing jobs or papers with spotty printing on them. The corona wire in a Brother laser printer should be cleaned whenever these symptoms appear or whenever the old toner cartridge is being replaced with a new one.

To clean the corona wire, first push the front release button on the Brother laser printer and, with the button depressed, pull the cover of the printer toward yourself. Once the cover is open, it will be easy to see the printer's drum and toner unit. Grasp the unit's black and yellow handle and remove it from the printer.

Corona wire on a Brother toner cartridge Next, slide the element's blue tab, slowly and carefully, to the far left side of the unit and then return it to the far right side. Repeat this sliding process three or four times. In certain Brother laser printers, the tab is green rather than blue, but this will not affect the cleaning process.

Another option is to use a small paintbrush to dust off the toner. Make sure that the paintbrush is clean and totally dry if you use this option.

You are now ready to insert the drum unit back into the laser printer. When you are doing this, be sure that the arrow on the tab lines and the arrow on the drum unit line up precisely. If the arrows do not line up, your next printing job could contain an unsightly vertical line.

To reassemble the printer, follow these steps in reverse order. This cleaning process will have your Brother laser printer and its corona wire working as good as new.

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