Common Kyocera-Mita printer error codes

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Kyocera-Mita Kyocera-Mita printers and copiers are reliable machines, and they work well with our compatible ink and toner cartridges. Kyocera-Mita has installed a self-diagnostic system in most of their printers and copiers to help users and technicians determine what is wrong. When an error is detected, the diagnostic tool automatically runs and generates an error code. While different models use different error code schemes, the following codes are some of the most common.

Errors that begin with the letter C denote mechanical failures. Most of these errors require professional servicing to be corrected, but some may be fixed by users with intermediate mechanical skills. Error codes that begin with the letters E, OP or U are usually operator errors that can be easily solved.

Error Code Error Description
C037 The microcomputer system, engine board or main board is not functioning properly.
Solution: This error code usually means the printer has a serious hardware problem, and parts need to be replaced.
C0420 The paper deck or feed deck motor is not functioning.
Solution: See if the paper tray is fully closed. If so, pull out the tray and replace it.
C0640 The hard drive cannot be accessed by the system.
Solution: Check the hard drive connections. If the drive is connected properly, call a service technician.
C0920 Backup fax data could not be saved.
Solution: Make sure that the memory or the hard drive has enough free space
C10 The exposure lamp is not working properly.
Solution: Ensure that the lamp is connected. Replace the lamp if necessary
C210 The paper conveyer motor is not working.
Solution: Check to see if the paper is visibly jammed. However, most motor errors cannot be fixed by users.
C230 The paper feed motor is not working.
Solution: See C210.
C2500 This is another common paper feed motor error.
Solution: See C210.
C7300 The toner is detected as empty, but the level of toner cannot be determined.
Solution: Pull out the toner cartridge, and reinstall it. If the error continues, try a cold restart by following the potential solution for Installation Error Messages in our printer cartridge troubleshooting guide.  If a cold restart does not resolve the issue try a new cartridge
C7800 The humidity sensor board has malfunctioned.
Solution: If the board is bad, it will be replaced, but it may have been damaged by excessive humidity in the room.
C8140 This error means something is wrong with the main paper tray. It is often a sensor problem, but it could also be a problem with the paper tray motor.
Solution: Pull out the paper tray, and reinsert it properly.
C91 An error is detected in the printer network connection.
Solution: If the printer is connected by a hardline, make sure it is properly inserted into the Ethernet port.
E07 E07 – The paper in the tray is not the same size as the original document.
Solution: Change the paper, or use a different paper tray. Some printers and copiers may also allow you to adjust the magnification.
E70 E70 – The prior job did not finish.
Solution: Cancel the prior job. Also, check to see if a page is a jammed or if the paper tray is empty.
E71 E71 – The originals did not go through the feeder correctly, or they could not be read.
Solution: Reload the originals into the feeder for a second attempt.
E72 E72 – Originals are still in the document feeder.
Solution: Clear jams from the feeder, and make sure that the originals are loaded correctly.
E90 E90 – The job cannot be completed because the memory is full.
Solution: Clear the memory, or split large print jobs into two or more smaller jobs. 
OP1 – OP5 OP1 – OP5 – One or more covers or drawers are open.
Solution: Close the covers and/or drawers before operating the copier.
U00602 A document is jammed.
Solution: Clear the document.  The copier should have a manual clearing system.
U00603 Documents are not feeding correctly.
Solution: Clear any jams. The rollers may also need to be cleaned.
U00614 The paper is nearly empty.
Solution: Refill the paper tray.


The paper is empty.
Solution: Refill the paper tray.

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