What is an ENERGY STAR printer?

31. July 2012 06:00 by Calvin Yu in Technology News, Troubleshooting and Printer Tips  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

Energy Star Like HD televisions and laptop computers, printers must earn the ENERGY STAR label by meeting energy-efficient requirements set by the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA establishes its specifications based on a product's features, performance and overall energy efficiency. A test measures the product's energy consumption and performance, and a qualified product receives the label based on its Return on Investment (ROI) and features set forth by consumer demand.

ENERGY STAR compliant devices prevent or reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which trap heat in the atmosphere. The resulting effect from these emissions is global warming and rapid climate change. Some greenhouse gases occur naturally, but many factories and products emit the harmful gases that accelerate global warming. Using any ENERGY STAR certified printer means that the user actively takes part in reducing his or her carbon footprint on the Earth. The ENERGY STAR program covers both business and consumer products. In business, using ENERGY STAR products saves the company thousands of dollars each year. In addition, an ENERGY STAR approved printer is at least 25 percent more energy efficient than a non-compliant model. In fact, homeowners may save between $70 and $100 per year just by using ENERGY STAR certified products. Making small changes such as using an approved printer or installing energy-efficient light bulbs can increase these savings.

Not every printer has the ENERGY STAR label. These printers use more energy during printing, adding to the power bill each month. Since most printers remain powered on during the day, a business using non-compliant models wastes hundreds of dollars each year. Many of the newer ENERGY STAR printers have an automatic shutdown feature if the model is not in use. In addition, the printer uses less electricity to operate, saving the company money. According to the EPA, if all businesses in the United States used ENERGY STAR certified equipment such as printers and all-in-one devices, Americans could save nearly 3 billion kilowatts per year. Investing in ENERGY STAR models is smart for the business, home and Earth. These devices save money and reduce greenhouse emissions, which is good for everyone involved.

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