How to check your Epson Inkjet printer ink levels

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With an Epson inkjet printer, it is possible to check the ink levels without removing the cartridges. Regardless of whether it is a color or black and white inkjet printer, Epson provides a status monitor that indicates the remaining ink level in each cartridge. In just a few clicks, the status monitor shows whether or not it is time to purchase new cartridges.


EPSON Status Monitor 3 1. Epson StatusMonitor software ships with each Epson printer. Insert the CD into any laptop or desktop computer, and connect the printer using an available USB cord. If the printer did not include a CD, download the software directly from the Epson website.

2. In order to access the StatusMonitor program, open an application that allows printing options. After opening an application such as MS Word or a web browser, locate and click the "File" button at the top of the control bar.

3. Select "Print" or "Page Setup" from the drop-down menu. After the dialog box opens, click the "StatusMonitor" icon. Alternatively, click the "Utility" icon and then the "Epson StatusMonitor" button to reveal the display.

4. With the display open, click the "Update" button. Initially, the display indicates the current ink levels. However, clicking the "Update" button refreshes the display in case it shows inaccurate readings. This display shows the ink level of each cartridge installed in the printer.

Configuring the Automatic Monitoring Function

1. To configure automatic monitoring and ink level warnings, return to the "Print" dialog box, and click the "Utility" button.

2. Next, click the "Configuration" button. A new "Configuration" dialog box opens to reveal a list of settings. Here, it is possible to adjust the frequency of warnings and to set automatic ink level monitoring before printing.

Additional Information

In order to keep an Epson inkjet printer up-to-date, it is best to allow automatic updates for the device. Whenever possible, update the drivers for the specific Epson inkjet model. Having out-of-date drivers may cause unexpected results when printing or using the StatusMonitor software.

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